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What Makes a Second Degree Nurse a Great Hire

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A great way for many people to make a career change into nursing is by earning an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN). However, it is common for people considering making a transition into a new field to question if they would be successful. If you are thinking about nursing as a new career, you might be asking yourself, “What skills do I have that will help in healthcare?” or “Would I be able to handle the jobs of a nurse?” or “Do I have what it takes?” All valid questions, but think about your earning a second bachelor’s degree and becoming a nurse from the perspective of the employer, whether it’s a nurse manager at a hospital or a physician hiring for clinical research trials. From their perspective, second degree nurses have exactly what it takes. In addition to the knowledge and clinical training gained during an accelerated nursing degree. Below are some critical added benefits you would bring to the nursing profession as a second degree nurse.

Second degree nurses are:

Running on purposeful motivation: Often second degree nurses cite dissatisfaction with their prior career (often a desk job), along with being inspired by a nurse as primary reasons to change career direction and become a nurse. Driven by purpose, second degree nurses tend to be focused on the end goal, and typically make great students and great hires. Not only will these nurses know what they must do to be an effective nurse and how to do it, but also they understand exactly why they show up for work every day.

Working the crowd: Many second degree nurses bring a range of customer service experience to the world of health care, which incidentally, is predicated on customer service in many ways. Nurses who enter the profession after holding jobs in other industries often bring with them the experience and tact to effectively communicate to those in other areas of the healthcare field such as accounting, tech support, upper management and support staff. As a new hire, a second degree nurse who can work the crowd and fill the role of an ambassador as needed is a valuable asset. And most importantly, experience communicating to different types of people certainly is a bonus when it comes to patient care and service.

Making a change: If customer service and patient care is a cornerstone of healthcare, then so is change and change management. Whether it’s the current political landscape of health care or the unknowns in the daily drama of a hospital, the environments in which nurses work require people who can manage change and make adjustments. Second degree nurses are likely fearless when it comes to change. After all, at one point they decide to alter their career trajectory, earn a second bachelor’s degree and enter a new profession. A nurse with prior work experience and a second degree in nursing is a prime candidate for the role of change manager and future leader.

These are just a few of the skills second degree nurses have that they may not even realize are valuable tools for the healthcare scene. If you are thinking about earning a second degree in nursing in our accelerated nursing program in Nashville or Indianapolis, it’s normal to question if you have what it takes, but realize that your motivation, prior experience and attitude are a large part of what can make you a special and desirable nurse.

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