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The Best of 2013: Accelerated Nursing Student Stories

At the accelerated nursing program in Indianapolis, we’re lucky to hear from students every day. Their stories inspire us to do our jobs better and work harder. Every now and then, we get to share the stories we hear with you. Classes have wrapped up and our students are gearing up for a great 2014, so we thought we should reflect on some of the best student blog posts from the past year. Here are just a few of the stories that touched our heart in 2013:

  • Everyone is somebody’s someone.” In April, ABSN student Rachel Tiefel stopped in to talk about the nurses who helped her through a difficult delivery of her twins and her inspiration to become a nurse. Grab some tissues before reading this one.
  • “Being immersed in learning so many practical new things all the time has given me a newfound sense of worth.” Ricky Lemming took time out of his busy accelerated nursing schedule to share his path to nursing with us in July. His blog post serves as inspiration for anyone who is facing an unexpected career change.
  • “I have spent the majority of my life caring for others, and it is my intent to continue.” In August, nursing student Janet Lutomski shared her story with us, exemplifying that it’s never too late to return to school and live the life you’ve always wanted. Having cared for her family members, Janet knew becoming a nurse was the right choice for her.
  • “This program isn’t for everyone but for me, it works out perfectly. If you are the type to want to stay busy, then this is the place for you.” ABSN student Leslie Wheeler checked in a few times this year to update us on how she was doing in the program. Her updates about clinicals and her reflection on the choice she made to return to nursing school acted as the story of her cohort. We hope we hear more in her final semester next year.
  • “I realized in my grandmother’s hospital room that I wanted to help people.” We were all touched by Andrea Gregory’s story of deciding to become a nurse while sitting in her grandmother’s hospital room. This post proves that even in the saddest of times, we can find a silver lining.
  • “I want to give others what was so generously given to us, care that cannot always cure but that always matters, always makes a difference.” We can’t forget Shelly Brosseau’s wonderful story that won her a scholarship from the Indianapolis Star. Her essay entitled “What Inspired Me to Become a Nurse?” told her story of returning to nursing school after losing her husband to cancer.
  • “Sometimes, it is best to simply enjoy the process with your friends and do your best with a child’s bewilderment.” Chase Christy shared many stories with us in 2013. He also performed a parody of “We Are Going to Be Friends” by The White Stripes. We’re excited to hear more from Chase in 2014.

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