Accelerated Nursing Program Overview

If you have the drive and passion to become a nurse, the accelerated nursing program at Marian University might be your path to this high-demand profession. Our CCNE-accredited ABSN program allows qualified applicants to earn a quality Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in as few as 16 months of professional nursing study.

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Whether you have a previous non-nursing bachelor’s degree or a required number of college credits, our accelerated nursing program for non-nurses builds on your previous education. You can begin professional nursing study on the first day of class and clinical rotations starting your first semester.

You can also enroll in Marian’s ABSN program with greater flexibility thanks to:

  • Site locations in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Nashville, Tennessee.
  • A transfer admissions path is available in Indianapolis.
  • Start dates in January, May, and August.
  • Sufficient clinical placements in diverse healthcare settings.

It’s also worth noting that acceptance into our BSN program (regardless of admissions path) depends on your successful completion of several nursing courses. ABSN students must complete prerequisite courses, which we offer online through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP). Transfer students who meet admissions criteria must take courses to earn an Associate of Science in Health Sciences (ASHS) degree. Upon completion of this degree, students will be considered to have completed prerequisites and will be able to enter the accelerated nursing program.

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How the ABSN Program Works

As an accelerated nursing student at Marian University, you’ll work through a rigorous BSN degree curriculum within four, full-time semesters over 16 months. Our accelerated nursing program curriculum is comprised of:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to the ABSN program?

There are a multitude of prerequisites and requirements before you can apply to the ABSN program. However, the four key steps to the admissions process include: 1. Talking to an admissions advisor 2. Completing a preliminary review 3. Submitting your ABSN application 4. Completing the prerequisites.

How often can I expect to be in labs?

When it comes time to participate in nursing labs, you can expect to be at our program site at least two days a week.

When will I complete clinical rotations?

While specific locations and scheduling of each clinical rotation will vary, you can expect to begin your clinical practice hours during your first semester and continue throughout the accelerated nursing program.

Can I work while attending an accelerated nursing program?

The Leighton School of Nursing advises that ABSN students focus solely on their education given the time and commitment required to complete the accelerated nursing program successfully.

Due to the intensity of this accelerated learning format, it’s best to view your nursing education as a full-time job. Upon your successful completion of our ABSN program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN® licensure exam and pursue a rewarding nursing career with confidence.

Ready to set your nursing education in motion?

Contact us to learn more about our accelerated nursing program in Indianapolis, IN, and Nashville, TN.