Accelerated Nursing Program Curriculum

Our accelerated nursing program curriculum follows a rigorous, effective sequence of online and on-site coursework. While an intense learning format, you can expect to receive highly personalized attention from your faculty, clinical instructors, and the support of a close-knit cohort.

  • Online coursework teaches key nursing theory concepts.
  • Skills labs provide hands-on learning experiences with faculty.
  • Clinical rotations offer diverse patient care experiences through our clinical partnerships.

This blended learning format provides the knowledge and skills that are necessary to sit for the NCLEX-RN, a licensure exam that every nursing school graduate must pass to be able to practice the profession.

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Curriculum by Semester

Our ABSN curriculum is spread across four, 16-week semesters. The program includes labs and clinical rotations, with the first clinical on nursing fundamentals starting halfway through the first semester.

Semester ICredits
NSG 129 Nursing Concepts & Connections1
NSG 201 Health Assessment & Communication4
NSG 241 Fundamentals4
NSG 221 Community Health Concepts2
NSG 251 Pharmacology and Dosage w/Lab I4
NSG 211 Pathophysiology3
Semester IICredits
THL 105 or 2nd approved THL 200 level or above**3
NSG 335 Mental Health Nursing4
NSG 331 Care of the Adult Client in Community/Acute Care Settings5
PSY 205 Statistical Methods**3
Semester IIICredits
THL 200 level or above**3
NSG 343 Nursing Research and Informatics3
NSG 307 Care of the Childbearing Client in Community/Acute Care Settings3
NSG 317 Care of the Pediatric Client in Community/Acute Care Settings3
NSG 431 Care of the Adult Client in Community/Acute Care Settings II5
Semester IVCredits
NSG 493 Transition to Practice2
NSG 441 Leadership/Community in the Nursing Profession4
NSG 451 Clinical Immersion Experience5
NSG 422 Population Health2
NSG Nursing Elective2

**Must pass with a C or better.
Must pass all nursing courses with a C+ or better.

Please note that curriculum and admission requirements are subject to change.

Contact us to learn more about our accelerated nursing program curriculum.

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What to Expect

This tell-all guide reveals what nursing school is like and what you can expect in our 16-month ABSN program.

Marian's Everything You Need to Know guidebook