Online ABSN Coursework

Our online-based ABSN program in Indianapolis and Nashville lets you learn about nursing theory concepts around your schedule. Such flexibility and convenience are made possible via our dynamic, intuitive e-learning management system, which allows you to:

  • Read materials and listen to lectures,
  • Complete assignments and quizzes,
  • Socialize in discussion forums,
  • Participate in instructor chat sessions.

While online ABSN coursework lets you learn at your own pace, you are still required to meet specified deadlines. Therefore, it’s important to follow a regular study routine so the convenience of online does not take you off track.

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How Online ABSN Coursework Works

During each nursing theory course, you may complete interactive learning activities that simulate real-world health care situations and could require you to:

  • Follow a teen through her pregnancy, performing exams and assisting in delivery.
  • Determine the correct medication dosage to help a young patient heal.
  • Assess the medical needs of a senior citizen in a home health care setting.

While our ABSN program allows you to complete your nursing theory classes online, it is NOT a 100% online nursing program. The online learning component of our program serves as a precursor to the significant amount of in-person practicum you will complete during labs and clinical rotations in Indianapolis or Nashville. So if you don’t live near one of our learning sites, you should plan to relocate.

Advantages of Online Learning

Online learning comprises one of the main elements of Marian’s ABSN program and can be a massive benefit for students working through an accelerated curriculum. Learning for online ABSN coursework can:

  • Be accessed and completed at any time (while still meeting assignment deadlines).
  • Accommodate a variety of different learning styles through different assignment formats.
  • Still allow you to work along with fellow members of your cohort, while retaining access to instructors if you need help.

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