Accelerated Nursing Clinicals Rotations

Clinical rotations are a critical learning component in every nursing program. Our ABSN program, however, affords you unprecedented clinical experiences in Indianapolis, Nashville, and Oklahoma City.

Over the span of 16 months, each ABSN student will complete more than 700 hours of clinical practice, during which you will learn from top-notch nurses and healthcare team members. Under the supervision of a highly experienced preceptor, you will work with patients in specialty areas that include:

  • Adult Health.
  • Obstetrics and Pediatrics.
  • Acute and Long-term Care.
  • Mental and Behavioral Health.

Your first clinical, which focuses on the fundamentals of nursing, will begin halfway through the first semester. Other clinicals you can expect to participate in throughout the program are medical surgical, critical care, and leadership.

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I loved the various cases that I saw. I loved being able to learn something new every single day and being challenged.

Marlita Clark, ABSN Class of May 2019

Welcome to the Real World

While the length and location of your clinical rotations will vary, these real-world experiences build on your lab practice by giving you a deeper understanding of the nursing profession.

No matter which ABSN program site you choose, you’ll get the chance to experience the day-to-day intricacies involved in complex healthcare environments, from following the appropriate protocol when handling sensitive patient information to learning how to be a team player in a complex, multi-faceted environment.

Clinical Rotations in Indianapolis

Students enrolled in our Indianapolis ABSN program will complete clinical rotations through Ascension St. Vincent, a distinguished hospital network and part of the largest Catholic healthcare system in the country. Here, you can expect to gain valuable patient care experiences and networking opportunities while working with some of the best healthcare teams in Indiana.

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Downtown Indianapolis

Clinical Rotations in Nashville

As a student in our Nashville-based ABSN program, you’ll complete your clinical rotations through Tennessee’s leading faith-based healthcare system: Ascension Saint Thomas.

In addition to completing many of your clinical rotations at one of many Ascension Saint Thomas facilities in the Nashville metro area, our learning site is on the fifth floor of Saint Thomas West. This unprecedented access will allow you to foster relationships with medical professionals and clinical faculty at one of the best healthcare employers in the state.

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Downtown Nashville

Clinical Rotations in Oklahoma City

Marian ABSN students in Oklahoma City will have access to real-world patient care experiences in diverse clinical settings at top healthcare facilities in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area, including Mercy Hospital. You can also expect to network with some of the region’s top-tier medical professionals during your clinical rotations here.

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Downtown Oklahoma City

Focus on Holistic Care

As a faith-based institution, we believe in treating patients holistically — that is treating their mind, body, and spirit. As you perform your clinical rotations, you will experience the true spirit of caring as nurses teach you how to:

  • Exhibit genuine caring behavior.
  • Engage in appropriate communication.
  • Perform safe therapeutic interventions.
  • Employ ethical perspectives.

Developing Transformational Leaders

One of our goals at Marian University is to develop transformational leaders in all fields of study. During the fourth semester of our ABSN program, you’ll participate in a leadership and management course that gives you the chance to job shadow a leader(s) within a healthcare facility local to your ABSN program site. This unique opportunity will give you a different perspective on nursing that goes beyond the bedside.

The leadership class has helped me understand what goes on behind the scenes at a hospital. I have met the chief nursing officer at Ascension St. Vincent, gone to meetings with directors, and listened in on nursing and PCAT interviews.

Felicia Silver, ABSN Class of December 2016

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