Why Become a Nurse?

It’s important to consider carefully before making a career change, but knowing more about your potential future career can help you make an informed, educated decision. If you are wondering, “Why become a nurse?” there are many reasons why nursing could be the right career for you. From the opportunities it offers to the flexibility you can access, see why you might want to become a nurse.

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A High-Demand Field

By completing the Accelerated BSN program at Marian University and becoming a registered nurse, you can proceed confidently, knowing your chosen profession is in high demand and your degree will be valued by quality healthcare facilities nationwide.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of registered nurses is expected to grow 6 percent by 2031, adding nearly 200,000 new nurses to the workforce in competitive, high-paying careers.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is also a necessary first step to pursuing graduate coursework in nursing, which can lead to advanced career opportunities down the road.

Diverse Job Opportunities

These days, being a nurse doesn’t mean you have to work on a hospital floor. As the health care needs of our country continue to evolve and expand, there are a wide variety of facilities that require the skills of a baccalaureate-educated nurse, including:

  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Corporate Clinics
  • Nursing Care Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • School Systems

High Job Security

The BLS lists nursing as one of the fastest-growing professions in the country. However, if applicant supply does not meet health care demand, our nation could see huge nursing shortfalls over the next decade. Therefore, with so many positions that need to be filled at health care facilities nationwide, a high level of job security comes with being a nurse.

Top reasons nurses are in high demand:

  • Better access to health care insurance
  • Increased emphasis on preventive health care
  • More individuals suffering from chronic conditions
  • Aging baby boomers requiring additional medical services
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Becoming a Nurse in Marian ABSN Cities

Along with uncovering career benefits when researching why become a nurse, you should also research the area in which you’d like work to get a better idea of the types of healthcare facilities and opportunities available. 

Nursing in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a major metropolitan area of more than 2 million people, and as such, has a robust number of hospitals and prospective employers that you can access in a nursing career. Indianapolis has more than 20 hospitals and three major healthcare systems, including our clinical rotations partners at Ascension St. Vincent. And with so many restaurants, sports teams and events in the city, there is always plenty to do outside nursing.

Nursing in Nashville

Nashville offers plenty to do, especially for music lovers, but its range of available hospitals is impressive for anyone looking to become a nurse in the city. Aside from Ascension Saint Thomas, which Marian ABSN partners with for clinical rotations in the city, there are many other leading institutions providing top care.

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