Marian University Nursing Prerequisites

Before starting our 16-month accelerated nursing program, you must complete a series of ABSN prerequisite courses with the following specified requirements. Marian University nursing prerequisites are available online and in an accelerated format.

Students in Indianapolis who pursue our ABSN transfer admissions path must complete the same prerequisite courses as second-degree students, but transfer students will complete prerequisite courses while earning an Associate of Science in Health Sciences (ASHS) from Marian University

Pre-Nursing Courses

Prerequisite Science CoursesCredits
BIO 214 Introductory Microbiology*4
BIO 225 Human Anatomy*5
BIO 226 General Human Physiology*5
CHE 100 Elements of General and Biological Chemistry*4
Prerequisite General Education CoursesCredits
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology**3
PSY 220 Human Growth and Development**                   3

Corequisite Courses

Suggested, but not required, that these courses be completed before admission to the nursing program.

Corequisites (Not required)Credits
PSY 205 Statistical Methods**3
THL 105 Introduction to Theology**3
THL 200 level or above**3

*Must pass with a C or better (2.8 GPA minimum)
**Must pass with a C or better

Please note that curriculum and admission requirements are subject to change. (Marian University 2021-22 Course Catalog, page 79)

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Contact us to learn more about our ABSN prerequisite courses.

Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP)

Students interested in the online-based ABSN program in Indiana or Tennessee can complete all the required nursing prereqs online through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP). These accelerated courses are taught by Marian University professors and include interactive exercises that aid in the learning process and strengthen critical thinking skills.

MAP provides:

  • Accredited online classes in an accelerated format.
  • Five-week course options offered nine times a year.
  • Eight-week course options offered six times a year.
  • Seamless credit transfers with our Leighton School of Nursing.

We use credit hours to determine the tuition cost of our prerequisite courses, with the cost per MAP credit hour being $425. You are responsible for purchasing textbooks.

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