4 Characters from Literature Who Should Be Nurses

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Open book - 4 characters from literature who should be nurses

Nurses are unique characters. They push themselves to the limit to help others, remain calm under pressure and devote their lives to caring for those in need. We'd love to have any of these literary characters admitted into the Marian University accelerated nursing program.

Katniss Everdeen - "The Hunger Games"

While Katniss is a little rough around the edges, her unwavering caring shines through in all that she does. From her strong love for her vulnerable younger sister to her commitment to bring Peeta back to health after his injury, her selfless nature is apparent. On top of that, she is incredibly capable of thinking on her feet. That berry trick was impressive! Her quick and brave thinking saves many lives throughout the trilogy. Plus, with as much as she did to stay awake and protect herself, she'd do a great job working a long, busy shift. It doesn't hurt that she learned a lot of healing techniques from her mother.

Gandalf - "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings"

Gandalf is a wise and comforting character. Even when those he mentors are presented with huge challenges, he is able to reassure them that those challenges can be overcome. That sort of encouragement is just what patients need when suffering hard battles. Furthermore, Gandalf is a strong leader, willing to sacrifice himself for those who depend on him greatly. Finally, he seems to always be where he's needed, so he'd be a valuable nurse.

Dorothy Gale - "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"

Have you ever seen a woman walk so far in heels in your life? With all the walking nurses do, it seems that Dorothy could certainly keep up. But more importantly, Dorothy is a caring person who will take anyone under her wing and fight to get them what they need. Her ability to empathize with others who are different from her and her devotion to those who need help would make her a fantastic advocate for patients. No matter where the yellow brick road leads, Dorothy is prepared to care for those depending on her and stand up to people who get in her way.

Andy Dufresne - "The Shawshank Redemption"

A man always willing to learn, Andy is patient. He keeps his head down and works towards his goals while still forming meaningful relationships with those around him. He also has a reputation for being neat and organized - something every nurse must master. Not only is Andy willing to teach himself new things, he loves to teach others. Educating is a huge part of nursing. And yes, we can't forget that he was in prison, but we know he was wrongly accused! A man who can make it work behind bars can certainly make a go of it in a healthcare setting.

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