black Friday and accelerated nursingWhether you hate it or love it, Black Friday is bigger than ever! With the Christmas season fast approaching, people set out to find the best deals on gifts for their family and friends. In our accelerated nursing programs in Nashville and Indianapolis, we don't expect you to risk your life to buy the last sale item, but some similarities can be drawn between the Black Friday shopping and accelerated nursing school. Take a look at how the Black Friday frenzy is similar to accelerated nursing school:
  1. You have to have a plan or you'll be trampled. Those who take Black Friday shopping seriously spend a lot of time planning where they'll go and what deals they have the best chance of snagging. They also know how to best avoid getting run over by the crowd. Of course, you won't get physically trampled in accelerated nursing school, but without a proper plan, you may feel run over by the workload.
  2. You need to be organized to snag all that you can. Whether it's sending a friend to one store while you wait in line at another to ensure that you perfectly coordinate your efforts and get the best savings or cutting coupons and clearly categorizing them, going shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving takes organization if you want to come home with all that you set out to get! So does accelerated nursing school. Between online didactic classes, clinicals, simulation practice, study groups, time with family and friends and other obligations, organization is key to getting everything done well and gathering all the knowledge you possibly can.
  3. You will lose sleep after an already busy day. Black Friday shoppers often spend the entire night in lines for the gifts they want after spending the day at Thanksgiving festivities. By the same token, accelerated nursing students often spend the entire night studying for an exam after spending the day at the hospital or in the lab. While sleep is important, there will be those nights when you burn the midnight oil to finish your homework or study the last few chapters before an exam. Just try not to make it a habit.
  4. You might see less of your family and friends in order to achieve your goals. Black Friday cuts into the Thanksgiving holiday, for better or worse. Those devoted to getting the best savings spend less time with their family so that they can hit the mall. Similarly, those devoted to nursing school sometimes miss family functions or skip out on weekend getaways with friends to pursue their dream of a nursing degree. Don't worry. It only lasts a short time! And just like with Black Friday shopping, it helps to make your family and friends your support system. Let them help you achieve your dreams while you spend time together, whether it's standing in line for a new television or studying flashcards before an exam.
  5. The end result makes it all worth it. With Black Friday shopping, you'll probably come home with some great finds and can brag about your savings. Then, take a long nap. When it comes to accelerated nursing school, after all the planning and organization is executed, your sleepless nights have passed and you have put fun family and friend outings on the back burner, you'll graduate and be prepared to sit for licensure to become an RN. Could there be a better end to the frenzy of nursing school?
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