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6 Fitness Apps for Nurses Looking to Stay Healthy

fitness-apps-for-nurses-looking-to-stay-healthy-marian-universityHow do you fit fitness in your routine? This question is common from people in all different walks of life and in different professions. As a nurse, it’s important that you take care of yourself just like you care for your patients. Regardless of your busy schedule, you should never compromise your health. We have created a list of the top free health and fitness apps for nurses that will help you take better care of yourself in this busy line of work.

1. MyFitnessPal

The MyFitnessPal app allows users to track their calorie intake. You can record your physical activity, as well as food consumption, to help you reach a weight loss goal or just to make sure that you are staying healthy.


Share your progress with friends and family to create a good support system and promote a healthy lifestyle with those you love.

2. DailyBurn App

DailyBurn is a great app for people looking to work out at home or with some instruction at the gym without having to pay a trainer. There are hundreds of workout videos in a broad range of fitness categories that allow you to choose what kind of workout you want to do and how intense. You can track your workouts and progress on the app and also use the Life by DailyBurn section for wellness and nutrition tips. The first 30 days are free, so sign up today!

3. Nike Training Club

With this free app there’s no need to invest in a personal trainer. Nike Training Club features 130 different exercise routines with audio instructions. The best part about this app is that you can track your workout history and record progression.

4. Fooducate

fooducate-logoFooducate was developed by dieticians to help users form healthier eating habits. This app will provide you with nutrition information and a nutrition grade that ranges from A to D when you scan product bar codes. If you are in nursing school in Indianapolis, you can use this app at some of the quick and healthy places to eat in Indianapolis or in Nashville.

5. MapMyRUN GPS Running

You don’t have to be an experienced runner to benefit from MapMyRUN. Whether you’re a beginner or a marathon runner, this app allows you to track your distance and pace. The calorie calculator is an added benefit. If you’re looking to change up your run, the app will suggest new routes for you based on your desired distance. Other similar apps include Nike+ Running and RunKeeper.

6. ShopWell

is similar to Fooducate in that it also provides users with nutrition information. However, ShopWell also allows you to enter your specific diet requirements. By scanning product barcodes, the app determines how well the product matches your needs. ShopWell is great for anyone with a food allergy.

With great fitness apps for nurses like this, you have all the tools to stay healthy as a nurse and in nursing school. Use these apps to help you along the way and track your progress.

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