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Top 7 Excuses for Not Becoming a Nurse That Are Holding You Back

Everyone’s path to nursing is a little different. But one thing is always the same – there are a lot of excuses for not becoming a nurse that can stand in your way of becoming a nurse. The key to staying on top of this is to consider both sides of the coin. Be rational about your decision and don’t jump to conclusions. If you want to become a nurse and you are willing to put in the hard work then you can become a nurse!

7 Excuses for Not Becoming a Nurse

Here are a few excuses that we commonly hear in regards to not moving forward with our accelerated nursing program at Marian University:

1. I’m too old to change careers.

You are never too old to change careers. If you are unhappy with your current career, then now is the time to make a change. Don’t just take my word for it, take Marian University ABSN graduate Christian Fontann’s word for it. She is changing careers to nursing at 40. She is a busy woman with three kids and a husband. She graduated from the program in 2013, and she now manages a cancer center. She didn’t let the excuse of being too old stop her from her dream of becoming a nurse!

2. I don’t have any healthcare experience.

You don’t need any healthcare experience to become a nurse quickly. In fact, many of our students in the program don’t have previous healthcare experience. Marian University ABSN students have backgrounds in teaching, marketing, law, social work, and many other degree types. You can check out what the typical Marian ABSN student looks like.

3. I don’t like blood.

To be a nurse, you will likely have to tolerate the site of blood. However, there aren’t many people who love the site of blood, so you are in good company. There are many areas in nursing that you can go into that don’t involve much interaction with blood or bodily fluids. One of the huge advantages of being a nurse is that there are so many specialties to choose from! There are many reasons why nursing is a great career choice.

4. I want a job that is in high demand.

Baccalaureate-prepared nurses are in high demand! You can learn more about why baccalaureate prepared nurses are in high demand. There are more and more jobs for nurses with BSNs, and as the baby boomers continue to age, there will only continue to be more jobs.

5. It’s too hard.

Let’s be real. Nursing school isn’t easy. However, at Marian University you will be given the support you need to succeed. You will be put into a cohort of peers that will follow you though the program for all 16 months. You will bond with these peers and support, work together, and help each other. You will also be surrounded by teachers and other nursing facility that is there to help you become the best nurse you can be.

Nursing school is too expensive.

Nursing school is an investment in your future.

6. It’s too expensive.

Your education is an investment in your future. Your earning potential as a nurse is high. You may have to take out a loan, get a few scholarships, or cut back current spending to afford nursing school. However, in the long run you will likely be better off for doing this!

7. It will take too long for me to become a nurse.

If you have a previous bachelor’s degree, the path to becoming a nurse is quicker than you might think! Marian University’s ABSN program allows you to complete your degree in 16 months. There is also currently no wait list to get into the program in Indianapolis, and the program has three start dates a year! Waiting to start nursing school is typically not the best option, especially when you can enroll in a program quickly like the one offered at Marian.

What is holding you back from becoming a nurse? Leave us a comment below to share your concerns.

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