Accelerated Nursing Students Participate in IU Health Day of Service

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We're always proud of our accelerated nursing students, but we're especially proud when they take their passion for making a difference into the community. ABSN student Ashley Martin shares her experience volunteering with her fellow students.

Nursing students paint positive messages while volunteering in the community
Nursing students paint positive messages on abandoned homes while volunteering in the community

On May 30, 2014, I, along with my fellow nursing students and IU students, were able to get our hands dirty (literally) and give back to the northwest area of Indianapolis by helping to build the Charlie Wiggins Park. This park has been a dream of the community for many years, and we all were excited and willing to help. We worked alongside community members in constructing a new walking path for the park and a tire hill for children to play on. We also planted flowers and painted garages to provide a landscape that would be an enjoyable experience for the community residents. It was rewarding to know we were giving back and were able to incorporate ourselves into the community. It made our work feel like it had a purpose.

Nursing students get their hands dirty in the community
Nursing students get their hands dirty building Charlie Wiggins Park

After lunch, where drinks and snacks were provided, we finished our day with cleaning up abandoned lots and houses in the community. We were thanked by passing drivers for our work for the day and they expressed their appreciation for us, which was a pleasant surprise. Some of Marian University’s nursing students were able to leave a little touch of love, peace and happiness spray painted on the boards in the windows and doors on the abandoned homes. Everyone was happy to give back but everyone was also ready for a nap and a shower, but it was worth it.

This is just a small glimpse at the many ways our nursing students give back. Stay tuned for more stories. If you're ready to start making a difference, contact us today!