Switching Careers: From Psychology to Firefighter to Nurse

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Marian University nursing student

This is a guest blog post written by Teresa E. Lewis, a graduate of Marian University's accelerated BSN program in Indianapolis.

In 2009, I retired after 24 wonderfully successful years in the fire service. I served as a firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department, then finally division chief of administration with Pike Township Fire Department. I had acquired a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MBA with a concentration in human resources. My objective after retirement was to become a consultant in the area of professional development specifically for public safety personnel (police and fire). My mission and vision were to provide public safety agencies with diverse and effective tools that would enable them to improve the quality of professionalized service to the community.

Unfortunately, my initiative was not fully realized due to the recession and budget restraints within these agencies.

Decision to Become a Nurse

While perusing the classifieds one Sunday morning, I read about the awesome 16-month ABSN program offered at Marian University. Although I already had a bachelor's and a master’s degree, I didn’t consider another bachelor’s degree to be a step backward - I saw it more as an opportunity to expand my vision of providing quality customer service to the public. I consider my BSN to be a specialized degree and a complement to my previous education.

Choosing Marian University's ABSN Program

Finally, Marian University has always been an icon of excellence in the city of Indianapolis, so I felt profoundly proud and honored to be accepted into the ABSN program. I'm even more elated that I successfully completed the program and passed my board exam. I am well on my way to a wonderfully rewarding career as a nurse.

It's never too late to switch careers and become a nurse. Contact us today to speak with an admissions advisor.