From a Current Nursing Student: Marian ABSN Program

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This blog post is an interview with nursing student Kim Shelly. She is attending Marian University's Indianapolis accelerated nursing program and is currently in her fourth semester.

1. After receiving a previous bachelor’s degree, why did you return to school to pursue a career in nursing?

I returned to school for a second degree, specifically nursing, because I was looking for more. I had a successful business career that I worked very hard at, but at the end of the day, closing the big deals wasn't as much fun. I wanted to work hard and know that I was making a difference, even if just a small difference. Health care is a great field to do just that, and I choose nursing because you can make a difference with your patients and there are so many different nursing opportunities.

2. What do you like best about being a student in Marian’s ABSN program?

There are many things to appreciate about Marian's program. However, I must say that I most appreciate the flexibility of having online classes.  At first, I was concerned there would not be student camaraderie as with a traditional campus program. Not the case! Clinicals and testing provided opportunities for that. We quickly formed study groups, and I feel I have made wonderful and supportive friends going through this nursing program. So I have the flexibility and the support.

3. What do you feel is the greatest strength(s) of the program?

I would have to say the strengths are in the clinicals. Marian University works very closely with St. Vincent Health to give us great opportunities and exposure to nursing. Our clinical instructors get us started quickly and work hard to make certain we experience as much as we can. I have friends doing other programs, and I feel like I am on the winning end when we have conversations about our clinical experiences.

4. How is the program preparing you for a career in nursing?

First, I feel confident that Marian is preparing us for success with the NCLEX. In addition, Marian is giving us more than just the "nursing skills"; they are teaching us to be ambassadors for our profession, advocates for our patients and communities and how to be a great nurse. They are exposing us to many of the different nursing paths so that we can find our passion.

5. Why would you recommend the Marian program to someone interested in a nursing career?

As far as my recommendation, I would ask them why they are considering a nursing degree and then make a match between their needs/interests and what I have experienced at Marian's program. I would find their spark and make it a flame with what Marian's program has to offer.