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Healthcare Podcasts for Nurses and Nursing Students

Healthcare Podcasts for Nurses and Nursing StudentsStaying up-to-date on all things healthcare related is no easy task. However, podcasts are a great way to digest this information. You can subscribe to a number of healthcare podcasts for nurses and listen to them in the car, train, as you are walking through the grocery store, or wherever you happen to be. All of the podcasts below are great for nurses, nursing students, and people looking to get into the nursing industry. Feel free to subscribe to any of the healthcare and nursing podcasts below!

  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts – This podcast is brought to you by one of the leading healthcare education schools – Johns Hopkins. The podcast is broken up into two categories – PodMed and HealthNews Feed. The PodMed is released weekly and includes many topics in one podcast. The HealthNews Feed is released at irregular intervals. It comes out when there is reverent healthcare news to report. Past topics include measles outbreak updates, vaccination discussions, exercise studies, Ebola vaccines, and more. Listen Now.
  2. Medscape Nurses Podcast – This content is brought to you by the healthcare publishing company Medscape and provided by nurses in the industry. They bring all the relevant newsworthy topics to your attention on a weekly basis. The podcast is typically released on Mondays. Listen now.
  3. NPR On Health – If you are less concerned about what is going on in the healthcare community and more concerned about personal health, this is the podcast for you. This podcast covers all types of personal health stories, including advice on testing for cancer, learning skills and how the brain works, medication alternatives, and so much more. You can listen to these podcasts online through their user-friendly website or you can subscribe to the actual podcast though iTunes. Listen now.
  4. BBC World Service Health Check – The BBC brings you a weekly recap of global heath stories. The podcasts are released once a week, and each episode is available for one month. Listen Now.
  5. The Nursing Show – This podcast is specifically targeted towards nurses. It’s a weekly podcast that provides all types of educational resources for nurses and nursing students. Past topics include managing diabetes, opiate addiction, kidney disease, chatting with nurse practitioners, and more. Listen Now.
  6. Nurse Talk Site – This podcast is brought to you by some seasoned nurses that bring out the everyday humor in nursing. It’s a weekly podcast target specifically for nurses (and nursing students too). Listen now.
  7. FDA Drug Safety Podcasts – This is where the FDA will keep you updated on drug safety issues including recalls, approvals, side effects, research, warnings, and more. Listen now.

Did we leave your favorite nursing or healthcare podcast off the list? If so, leave us a comment below with your favorite podcast.

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