How Stressful is Nursing School?

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How Stressful is Nursing School

The idea of pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can make some potential students feel apprehensive. If you have always struggled with handling school-related stress, you may feel that going back to school is an impassible hurdle that can prevent you from becoming a registered nurse. But before you convince yourself that you can’t become a nurse, you should ask yourself, “How stressful is nursing school?” This answer depends on whether you choose Marian’s Accelerated BSN program or not.

Some online education programs are solely online- you won’t be meeting your classmates and your courses are all independent. Traditional programs require you to stick to the exact same schedule every week and meet your professor’s teaching style. Marian’s Accelerated BSN program is unlike any other nursing program.

Marian’s unique combination of online classes plus hands-on learning activities allows you to get the best of both worlds. Several aspects of the ABSN program allow you to keep your stress in check while pursuing your dreams.

Flexible Online Learning

Online learning allows you to be flexible with your courses. If you are looking at the accelerated nursing program, you have likely already completed one bachelor’s degree and are busy living your life. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold so you can achieve your dreams.

With the Canvas online learning platform, you are able to fit in your classes around your already demanding schedule, allowing you to get rid of one of stressful factors before you even begin classes. You won’t be stuck working around your college’s weekly schedule, so you can study where and when it is convenient for you. Taking your kids to soccer practice? Study on the sidelines. Working a shift during the day? Complete your learning activities and class discussions at home in the evening while enjoying a nice meal.

If you’re worried about managing test anxiety, you can use your flexible schedule to your advantage. Instead of cramming for a big test the day before you are scheduled to take it, you can create your own study schedule. Your course material is available 24/7, so you can go back and review everything, focusing on areas where you need clarification and spending less time on the areas you are confident in. Allowing you to manage any nursing school stress.

Interactive Online Activities and Hands-on Learning

Interactive online activity for nursing students - screenshot

How can a nursing program be online? You complete hands-on activities as well.

With the Canvas online learning platform, you are able to complete all of your didactic courses wherever you have an internet connection. These courses include interactive content. You will be practicing your theoretical work through online simulations as you go through each chapter.

Additionally, you will be working in hands-on simulation labs, allowing you to practice your nursing skills in a safe learning environment on high-tech simulation mannikins. Your classmates and lab instructors will be next to you the entire time, so you won’t have to be stressed about whether or not you will understand what you should be doing. Your lab instructors are proficient teachers and skillful nurses, and she or he will be happy to help you if you are struggling with certain concepts or activities.

On top of your simulation labs, you will be working with real patients during your clinical rotations. Although your clinicals will carry a certain amount of stress, your preceptor will be next to you the entire time. Build a relationship with your preceptor- he or she can offer advice on building a great nursing career, establishing professional relationships, and balancing your busy life.

These three combined aspects of the Accelerated BSN program allow you to use your own learning style to master the course material, so you don’t have to worry about being controlled by your professor’s brand of teaching. More hands-on? The online simulations and labs will be your biggest ally. Prefer reading to learn? Read and re-read the online material as often as necessary. Prefer audio-based learning? You can listen to any online lectures whenever you need, whether it’s in the car on your way to the store or at home in your favorite chair.

Complete the Program in 16 Months

It may seem impossible to complete a bachelor’s program in less than two years without stressing out every day, but you can through Marian University.

Because ABSN students already have a previous bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, they have already completed a majority of the “core” classes that are required in traditional four-year programs. These courses can take up to four semesters to complete. This will save you two years in your education, and you won’t have to worry about an elective class that is required but completely unrelated to your degree.

In many colleges, students are required to take a course load of at least 15 credit hours per semester. In each semester at Marian, you are completing a comparable amount, between 15 and 17 credit hours. Just because the program is accelerated doesn’t mean you are cramming your schedule and worrying about how you will get anything done. These semester-by-semester nursing school survival tips will also help keep you balanced and de-stressed throughout the nursing program.

One big bonus of completing the ABSN program in 16 months is that you will be able to start your nursing career sooner, so your dreams are always within reach, from the first day of your nursing courses to the day you are pinned as a registered nurse.

What is a cohort? - Accelerated nursing

Your Classmates are With You

Your cohort, aka classmates, understand exactly what you are going through in the nursing program, and because you will be seeing them regularly during labs and before exams, you will have a great built-in support system to help you throughout your education. Additionally, you can create a study group with your peers. You can quiz one another, get help on those concepts you don’t quite understand, and help those who may not grasp a concept that you feel confident in.

How Stressful is Nursing School?

You really won't know how stressful nursing school is until you start. Starting nursing school and becoming a registered nurse is one of the biggest steps you may take in your life. Many nurses have always known they wanted a career where they make a difference and help people, and it is not a decision that was made lightly. Nursing school requires dedication and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to overwhelm you. By taking the right steps and understanding what you can expect from the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, you can confidently start nursing school.

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