Reflections on the Accelerated Nursing Program: Part 1

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On February 23, Marian University for St.Vincent Health hosted an Open House for our Indianapolis accelerated nursing program. The highlight was a panel of current students and alumni who took questions from the audience on the accelerated BSN program and the realities of being a nurse. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share highlights from the panel. To make sure you don’t miss a post, subscribe to the blog or follow us on Facebook.

Wendell Taylor, class of May 2014
Wendell Taylor, class of May 2014

Q. How did you adapt to online coursework?

Wendell Taylor, class of May 2014: I took two prerequisites using the online platform, and it was very well organized, well planned and easy to use. That really helped me get accustomed to the format.

Jason Taus, class of May 2014: I’d never taken an online course before, but I knew I didn’t want to be back on campus – been there, done that. So the prerequisites were helpful to see how the online classes worked.

Cristina Fontana, class of August 2013: My professors are very supportive; I can call and email them, and I know some of them better than instructors I see face-to-face. And yes, classes are online, but you’re having open discussions with your professors and classmates through the platform, so you get to know how other people feel about a certain topic.

Renata Trager, class of December 2013: You’re looking at PowerPoints, just like in a lecture hall, and you’re listening to your professor, just like in a lecture hall. But they’re on your laptop instead of in your room. This way, though, you can rewind lectures if you miss something, or you can stop, leave the room and come back.

Q. How stressful is it going through classes and clinicals?

Preston Meng, class of August 2011: It felt stressful during the 16 months, but looking back, it’s not as stressful as working in your job. You just need to focus. I have little kids, so I structured my schedule around them. Every day from 5 to 7 am, I studied while they were asleep.

Grant Wright, class of August 2011: Remember, you’re doing in 16 months what students in traditional nursing programs are doing in four years.

Nick Dascoli, class of May 2012: I was still in college mode when I started, so I struggled a little in the beginning. But I grew into it. Once you get into the flow and get into clinicals, where you actually see what you’re learning in class, it gets easier.

Jeff Wendling, class of May 2013: I graduated in 1985 with an MBA, and I worried about the online part. I tried some prerequisites to see if I had what it takes, and I did well. I also had a lot of life experience to help me relate and study.

Kim Shelly, class of May 2013: What young people have in energy, older students have in life experience.

Cristina: Whichever program you choose, it will be hard. But you get how much you put into it.

Q. Did you work during the program?

Renata, accelerated nursing student
Renata Trager, class of December 2013

: I work two different jobs because I have to. It’s a challenge, but it’s doable. I have a friend who works weekends. You don’t have a social life, but you’re willing to make those sacrifices.

Nick: I worked 10 to 12 hours a week. In my third and fourth semesters, I was a patient care technician. It was a good networking opportunity.

Q. How did you pay for school?

Rachel Tiefel, class of May 2014: Stafford and private loans. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so we live on one income. Discover Loans was a good option for me.

Jeff: IRA, loans, give blood (laughs).

Wendell: I’m living at home right now. It’s hard sometimes, but it lets me follow what I really want to do.

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