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If you have ever wanted to become a nurse in Indiana, you will find many benefits. Not only is there a high demand in, the field, there are many quality health networks, good salaries, opportunities for growth, and fun things to do when nursing in Indiana.

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Location can be a huge factor in deciding where to attend nursing school since this is where you will earn your nursing license and get connected with medical facilities. When starting with nursing in Indiana, you will have access to its reputable hospital networks, competitive wages, and opportunity to grow your career.

With Marian University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, you can begin your journey at our location in the heart of Indianapolis. You will experience all the benefits of nursing in Indiana and graduate ready for a nursing career in as few as 16 months. Read on as we go more in-depth on what makes Indiana an attractive destination for nurses.

Nursing Demand

The need for quality nurses has become increasingly evident since the COVID-19 outbreak and the additional challenges it brought to the Indiana healthcare system. The nursing shortage negatively impacts the entire healthcare system. Nurses are the lifeblood of a healthy, functioning medical system, and medical facilities in Indiana are always on the lookout for nurses prepared to make a positive impact.

According to the Indiana Hospital Association, an average of 4,300 nursing jobs open every year in addition to the 5,000 nurses needed to offset the increasing numbers of elderly patients projected by 2031. This increasing demand provides the perfect opportunity for new graduates to establish their careers.

Since employment projections are only growing, and hospitals always seek to hire new nurses, you may find it easier to begin your career than in other states with fewer opportunities and more competition.

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Indiana Hospital Networks

Indiana has many different facilities to choose from in your career. We at Marian University partner very closely with Ascension Health, the largest Catholic health network in the country. Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis is a leading healthcare provider with several facilities achieving Magnet status on multiple occasions.

Hospitals awarded Magnet status have demonstrated high-quality care for their nurse employees. High nurse satisfaction rates make for more happy, sustained careers and improved patient outcomes. Connecting with Magnet hospitals will ensure that you are learning from the best and open the door to working at these hospitals in the future.

Not only is this a great place to gain experience during clinical rotations, but it can also help smooth the transition from nursing school to your career. In fact, many choose to apply to work in the very hospital where they did their clinicals, as hospitals are eager to build relationships with new graduates.

If you want to stay in Indiana but intend to settle down in a city outside of Indianapolis, there are many other reputable facilities include Adams Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Bedford Regional Medical Center, and Bloomington Meadows Hospital.

Nurse Salary in Indiana

Not only do nurses find ample job opportunities in Indiana, but wages throughout the state are appealing to many. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean annual salary for registered nurses in Indiana is $75,580. This income can go further in Indiana, which is among the ten most affordable states to live with housing costs well below the national average.

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Opportunity for Career Growth

Knowing you want to attend graduate school after entering the workforce may affect your decision on where to get your undergraduate BSN. Indiana has many excellent master’s programs for anyone wanting to pursue an advanced specialty or continued education.

In addition, nurses who have earned a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or specialty master’s degree tend to make a generous wage. On average, nurse practitioners in Indiana make $121,730 per year. On the higher end of the spectrum, nurse anesthetists who have received in-depth training make an annual average of $220,020.

With affordable living costs and the strong need for nurses, you can lead a very happy and fulfilling career as a registered nurse. If growing your career appeals to you, Indiana offers ample opportunity to grow your skills and apply them in quality hospital networks.

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Things to Do in Indiana

If you choose to become a nurse in Indiana, remember that life is not all about nursing. It is important to genuinely enjoy the place where you put down roots. Whether you love the bustling city or wide-open outdoors, there is a place for you in Indiana. Here are a few ideas for things to do when you are here:

Food and Drink

Indianapolis is rich in food culture, with many cuisines and high-quality restaurants. It is renowned for its American-style food and drink, drawing visitors to experience popular eateries such as The Fountain Room and Turner’s Bar. Make sure to try some of Indianapolis’ most iconic foods, such as the pork tenderloin sandwich and the famous Hoosier sugar cream pie.

Culture & Events

A fun place to visit, especially if you have children, is the Indianapolis Zoo. You can discover their land exhibits, aquariums, and botanical garden while you are there. Make sure to drop by the famous Orangutan Center, which houses one of the largest number in the country. Another great place to visit with your kids is the award-winning Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It is the world’s largest children’s museum and is home to the dinosphere, a fun playscape, and even a carousel.

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Indianapolis puts on many entertaining events and has a strong culture with a rich history. A popular place to visit is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum since Indianapolis has a long, rich motor racing history. Many flock to the Indianapolis 500 every year. Stop by the Motor Speedway Museum to learn more about the history of racing in Indiana and even experience the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame.


If you thought you couldn’t have a beach day in the Midwest, think again. Indiana Dunes National Park is a 15-mile expanse of rich habitats and sandy beaches on Lake Michigan. Whether you love hiking and exploring or lying in the sand with a book, take a trip to this national park. Another great option for a day in nature is Eagle Creek Park, an enormous park with numerous trails, forested areas, a creek system, and fishing spots. This is a great place to visit on an afternoon when you want to escape the city.

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