Nursing a popular choice for career changers

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I am always fascinated to learn how our students chose nursing as their next career. Entering an accelerated second bachelor's degree program in nursing means they all started on a different career or educational path. For a variety of reasons, they decided to become a nurse.

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting with a couple of different cohorts over lunch.

As they introduced themselves, I met one police officer, a social worker, an athletic trainer, two recent exercise science majors, two teachers and a church organist. I would guess their ages ranged from mid-twenties to mid-fifties. It felt a little like one giant family gathering around the Thanksgiving table. They laughed, debated and talked over one another as they shared their stories.

Considering the diversity, I thought to myself, what in the world does this group have in common? The answer was simple. They all had a passion to help others. They all decided they wanted more out of their careers. They all chose nursing as a profession that would not only feed that passion but provide a flexible, secure and rewarding career. They are all bright, driven and disciplined. Nursing school is tough. This group is tougher. How exciting they all chose the Marian University for St.Vincent Health accelerated BSN nursing program as a means to their new beginning.

Equally comforting was thinking about how they would be working as nurses in less than 16 months. Considering their first careers, I decided if I were involved in some sort of accident and these nurses were assigned to my care, I would be in great hands.

After all, I would have a police officer to manage any crisis, a social worker to counsel my needs, an athletic trainer and exercise science majors to get me out of bed and back in shape, and teachers to plan my care and provide continuing education. All the while, beautiful organ music would provide special therapy in the background. Did I mention the minister who started last year or the lawyer who started in January?

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