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Top 23 Nursing Jobs Outside the Hospital

Getting your BSN prepares you for many nursing jobs outside the hospital. Patientfacing careers include outpatient clinic nurse, military nurse, cruise ship nurse, or college clinic nurse. Other nursing careers outside of patient care include healthcare recruiter, nurse manager, insurance assessment nurse, nurse educator, and nurse health coach.

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When it comes to nursing, people often think the only job option is working at the bedside. However, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, you can also follow a non-traditional nursing path.

Nurses can pursue countless careers outside the hospital and within the community. If you’re someone who prefers working in settings other than the traditional hospital units, then consider these 23 great options for nursing jobs outside the hospital. 

At Marian University, we are focused on educating you to be a skilled and adept nurse no matter what specific career path you take. Our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program will prepare you to excel in traditional nursing jobs and in nontraditional jobs for nurses outside the hospital.

Now, let’s get started on our list of the 23 top nursing jobs outside the hospital.

1. Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare recruiting is one of the top jobs for nurses outside the hospital, especially for those who have a passion for the human resources side of healthcare. Nurse recruiters are hiring specialists who screen potential job candidates. They spend their day reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and negotiating salaries.

Nurse recruiters need excellent communication skills and engaging personalities that make candidates feel comfortable throughout the interview process.

2. Nurse Educator

Would you rather work in a classroom than a hospital? Nurse educators are instructors or professors who teach nursing students at colleges and universities. These nurses need their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree to teach.

Female nurse teaches a class

Nurse educators teach lectures and skills and simulation labs, and they also provide guidance to aspiring nurses. Their hours are daytime weekday hours with summer and holiday breaks. A nurse educator career is perfect for those who enjoy interacting with students more than working in a clinic or hospital.

3. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants use their understanding of patient care and health to aid in legal matters. They work with insurance companies, law offices, and businesses, aiding with medical lawsuits and malpractice cases as well as going through medical records. If you have an analytical mind and would enjoy a business or legal nursing job, then being a legal nurse consultant is a great option.

4. Nurse Manager

Do you enjoy managing a team of people and making sure they are working well together? Nurse managers run a group of nurses within an organization, and they work behind the scenes to create work schedules, manage the clinic or unit, and conduct performance reviews of the nursing staff. Nurse management is a great administrative leadership role for someone who enjoys managing nurses and uniting staff to achieve goals.

5. Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers have the role of helping plan and coordinate a patient’s healthcare needs. Case mangers communicate with patients and families on a regular basis and determine what care the patient requires. They determine the best treatment for them while working alongside insurance companies to help patients receive care in an affordable way. One great perk of nurse manager roles is that there are remote opportunities for these positions, so you can work a daytime schedule from home.

6. Military Nurse

If serving your country inspires you, then consider working as a nurse within a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. These nurses work within the U.S. or overseas and travel alongside the troops to care for them in case of injury. One perk of military services as a nurse is you can get your school loans paid off by the military. Nursing in the military also allows you to travel and gain a wide range of nursing experience.

7. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses travel to patients where they live. They work with elderly people or shut-ins who have chronic health conditions that need monitoring. Home health RNs generally check on patients on a regular schedule. These nurses often develop close bonds with patients because they see each other often for years. If you enjoy caring for patients in the home environment, then home health nursing is a great option.

8. Cruise Ship Nurse

Cruise ship nursing is one of the most desirable jobs for nurses outside the hospital. Cruise ships are equipped with medical personnel, including nurses, who can treat and manage chronic medical conditions as well as any urgent conditions of ship passengers. Cruise ship nurses get to travel the ocean for work, which can be a rewarding work environment. This role requires nurses to be independent and knowledgeable, for they are far from the traditional clinical environment, and they need to provide reliable care. Cruise ships are gone for days at a time, so nurses need to be okay with a non-traditional working schedule.

9. School Nurse

Your community’s school system needs a nurse in each education level from elementary school to high school. School nurses work with children as well as the occasional teacher. These nurses get the perk of school daytime hours and vacations. School nurses also help educate students on health topics, so if working with kids is your passion, then school nursing is worth exploring.

School nurse putting band aid on child's elbow

10. Camp Nurse

Church camps and other seasonal camps hire nurses on staff to care for injuries and medical concerns of the guests. These camps are in scenic mountain ranges, lakes, forests, and so on. Therefore, if you have a passion for the outdoors, and you enjoy working with young kids and families, working as a camp nurse is a great option. These jobs do tend to be seasonal, so they work well coupled with a school or college nursing job where you get summers off.

11. Insurance Assessment Nurse

Insurance companies hire nurses to review and consult on health insurance claims. These nurses review a vast array of medical cases, and they write documentation to vouch for support or denial of various claims. These positions have the potential to be remote or in an office, so this is a great option for a nurse who wants to work in a business setting from home or the office.

12. Outpatient Primary Care Nurse

If you love treating patients, then working in a clinic is one of the more easygoing jobs for nurses outside the hospital. Physicians and family nurse practitioners need nurses around the office to assess patients, run diagnostics, and manage patient charts. You’ll get to know your patients on a whole different level than if you worked in a hospital. This is because you’ll see the same patients year after year, often getting to know whole families. Working in an outpatient clinic means you’ll get to work a typical daytime 40-hour week with holidays off.

13. Specialty Clinic Nurse

Specialty clinics need nurses just as much as a hospital, and they can offer lots of variety depending on the specialty. As with other clinic roles, nurses can expect predictable, daytime hours. Depending on what patients you like working with, you could choose to work in one of many clinics. Examples include:

  • Ophthalmology eye surgery clinics
  • Allergy clinics
  • Dialysis clinics
  • Children’s specialty clinics
  • Genetics clinics
  • OB-Gyn clinics
  • Orthopedic clinics

14. Urgent Care Clinic Nurse

If you like the clinical setting, but you want a bit more excitement and adrenaline in your workday, then an urgent care is worth exploring. These facilities operate like a walk-in clinic, and they treat mild to moderate medical conditions that don’t require an emergency room visit. If you enjoy treating wounds, sprains, viral illnesses, UTIs, and so on, then urgent care is a good change of pace.

15. Research Nurse

Pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organizations hire nurses to work within their clinical trials and research studies. These nurses often work with patients enrolled in studies, assessing their condition and monitoring health measures. Getting a nursing job in research can be ideal for those who have a passion for research and managing patients as they progress through a clinical trial.

16. College Clinic Nurse

Do you enjoy treating students and young adults? Colleges and universities have on-campus health clinics where nurses are on staff during weekdays to administer immunizations, treat minor conditions, and assist doctors or other healthcare providers in the clinic. This can be an ideal working environment for a nurse who enjoys a clinic environment within a campus community.

17. Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation centers treat patients who need long-term therapy or treatment after strokes, car accidents, heart attacks, or other injuries. Nurses interested in working in a rehabilitation center will often get a specialized certification to become a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN). These nurses work with patients over weeks or months, and they get the satisfaction of seeing patients improve to the point of returning home.

nurse helping an elderly patient stand
Helping struggling patients is so important

18. Community Nurse

Community or public health nurses advocate for health advancement within a city or town. These nurses work with local programs and initiatives to foster community health. They also help disadvantaged populations gain access to healthcare. Improving community wellness and preventative care are some of the main focuses of community health nurses. This career is ideal for nurses with a passion for public service.

19. Nurse Health Coach

Nurse health coaching is an enticing career opportunity for the budding nurse entrepreneur. If you are a health and fitness aficionado with a passion for striking out on your own, nurse health coaching allows you to create your own consulting company and help clients improve their wellness.

20. Informatics Nurse

Nurse informatics is a field where nurses can apply their knowledge in a technical way. If you have a passion for computers and optimizing the patient experience through advances in technology, then informatics is a great field. It does require extra certification to start working. Informatics nursing offers the added benefit of being able to work remotely because of the computer-based nature of the role.

21. Risk Management Nurse

For experienced nurses seeking a mixture of patient care, health care management and communication, risk management is worth considering. In today’s world of healthcare, risks to patients, staff, and hospitals are common. Nurse risk managers aim to reduce that risk, and in doing so, they build trusting relationships with healthcare facilities, physicians, patients, and families.

22. Correctional Facility Nurse

If you enjoy treating patients, and you’re one tough cookie, then being a nurse in a prison or other correctional facility may appeal to you. These nurses care for minor injuries or chronic conditions and distribute medications. Correctional facilities can be a tough working environment without the amenities of a hospital. If you enjoy the challenge of this patient demographic, then it may be a good fit for you. 

23. Nursing Home Nurse

Nursing homes provide a calm, comfortable place for the aging and ailing to live out their days. While maybe not as glamorous or fast paced as working in a hospital or a clinic, you can still make a huge impact in the lives of others. Nursing homes have staff 24 hours a day, so you may need to work nights or weekends. By caring for the elderly, you’ll form close relationships with your patients and earn eternal gratitude from their families.

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As you can see, aside from the countless in-hospital nursing options, a BSN also opens the door to a wide variety of nursing jobs outside the hospital. As a nurse, you will be able to find a job that suits your unique skills and passions.

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