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Someday We Will All Become RNs – Nursing Song

Chase Christy is currently enrolled in the Marian University accelerated nursing program in Indianapolis

I learned to play this wonderful song by The White Stripes called “We Are Going To Be Friends.” In one of the stanzas, it talks about getting dirt on their uniforms from chasing bugs and worms. It drew me immediately to our uniforms in nursing school and the all kinds of dirty we get as we care for our patients. I loved the joy and innocence represented in the mood of the song, and I felt compelled to adapt it to nursing school. It is so easy to get drawn into the constant stress of a very difficult educational path. Sometimes, it is best to simply enjoy the process with your friends and do your best with a child’s bewilderment.


Back to school nursing style
Life on hold for a while
Brand new shoes, scrubby blues
Stethoscope, books and pens
Someday we will all become RNs

Walk with me Suzy Lee
To the patient’s room where you will see
She’s on bedrest, edema found
Incontinent of bladder and bowel
If she gets up her bed alarm will sound

Here we are, no one else
Passed our checkoffs by ourselves
Now we do the skills for real
No manikins who cannot feel
We foam in and now it’s time to learn

Exams and lectures, study time
Discussion posts all online
Forget your pride, this is hard
You will be wrong, don’t be jarred
That’s not the best right answer in this case

We don’t notice any time pass
We don’t notice anything
We’ve become so focused on our craft
Strangers look at us all funny
When we say they have nice veins

Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed
While silly sayings go through my head
Ape to man and April
And when I wake tomorrow I will
Learn alongside wonderful new friends
Someday we will all become RNs

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