What makes Marian University ABSN nursing students successful?

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At least once a week, I hear a few of our students say that they're too old or too busy for school or that they don't have the right background for nursing. You're probably nodding in agreement, wondering if you can really handle an accelerated nursing program. Without having met you or spoken to you, regardless of your background, I can confidently say that you absolutely can!

is nursing right for you

How can I be so sure? Because I see all 230 of our students doing it every day. From students who are straight out of undergrad with a degree in another field, to students who worked in a career in another field for 25 years, and everyone in between (including lawyers, small business owners, teachers, police officers and more), they are all succeeding in progressing through our 16-month program to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

So, how do they make it?

They have desire. First and foremost is the desire to become a nurse. Once you make it through the prerequisite courses and officially start the program, you must be committed to the responsibilities affiliated with your courses. Nursing is a demanding career that takes patience and caring. You have to want it and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

They work hard at time management. Having an already-established study routine will keep you on track and stop you from falling behind.  Since a lot of this program is on your own and online, it is up to you to create a schedule that you follow. Once you get to labs and clinicals, you will have to adjust your schedule to accommodate those hours while maintaining time to study, and of course, time for yourself and your family! Be sure to ask your advisor for resources to help you understand how to develop a study routine that works for you.

They embrace their support system. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember that you are not alone. This is a cohort-based program, so you will get to know your fellow classmates and have a strong support network. Students often form study groups, and many share study tips and other helpful hints through Facebook groups, texting and other social tools. Also, faculty and staff are on site and happy to work with you, regardless of your issue, to ensure your success.

That doesn’t seem so hard, does it? Just ask any of our 150+ graduates from every walk of life: No matter your age, background or experience, if you have a bachelor’s degree and a desire to become a nurse, we can help you make it happen. Ready to get started? Contact us today!