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What it Means to be a Nurse

Becoming a nurse is not a decision anybody takes lightly. It requires constant dedication, from the first day of nursing school to every single day you work as a nurse. It’s not easy and it’s not exactly relaxing. For those who do answer the calling to be a nurse, it is incomparably meaningful. They strive to be the best nurse they can be, and that means endless professionalism.

Being a professional as a nurse is different from being a professional in any other field. If you are looking at enrolling in a nursing school in Indianapolis or Nashville, be sure to consider these factors.

what it means to be a nurse

Being a Nurse Takes Respect

No matter where you work you need to be respectful. But in the nursing field, your respect should extend to everybody you work with. It begins in nursing school with your professors and classmates. Your professor is the one who will teach you everything you need to know about being a great nurse, as well as potentially help you find a job in the future. You don’t want to lose out on a great education and a letter of recommendation by talking about how awful your professor is and having him or her find out. You want to make sure to be respectful to your classmates as well, since you may be working with them one day.

Your preceptor can make or break you. If you aren’t respectful to him or her, you may find yourself working on the worst cases, if he or she gives you any.

Not everybody gets along with every single one of their coworkers, but that’s no excuse to be rude or unkind. Your fellow nurses may be caring for the same patient you are for the same 12-hour shift. Not only will you be emotionally drained by working with a coworker who is angry at you, but you could potentially endanger your patient’s life.

You’ll Give Non-Biased Care

No matter who your patient is, your duty is to care for him to the best of your ability. Some people may get to choose their projects at work, but you don’t get that luxury. Instead, you are tasked with caring for every patient assigned to you. You should respect your patient and treat him no different than the next one. Put aside any bias- if your worst enemy walks through the door, you are partially charged with his health.

Nursing Takes Compassion

Not everybody is lucky enough to work in a field where they make such a huge difference every day. And not everybody works in an environment than is emotionally exhausting. When it comes to nursing, your compassion is sometimes the only thing that can get you through a 12-hour shift in the emergency room. It is essential to be compassionate as a professional nurse. Otherwise, you will just be another person going through the motions, which will be obvious to any patient, fellow nurse and physician.

Be Mindful of Your Appearance

Without a doubt, scrubs rock. You never have to worry about choosing what to wear to work, and they are insanely comfortable. But just because you don’t have to put effort into your outfit doesn’t mean you don’t have to put an effort into your appearance. Yes, being a nurse is a very dirty job. You may come home with quite a few different fluids on your clothes. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect how to look to your patients. Make sure your hair is either pulled back if it’s long or combed if it’s short. If you wear makeup, don’t wear last night’s makeup. Clean your face and freshen yourself up. After all, if you were a patient, would you want an unkempt nurse who doesn’t look like she can take care of herself giving you your medication?

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