What to Expect Once You’re Admitted to Nursing School

Each blog post is dated and contains accurate information as of that date. Certain information may have changed since the blog post publication date. If you would like to confirm the current accuracy of blog information, please visit our ABSN overview page or contact admissions at (866) 892-6463.

As exciting as it is to finish up the required prerequisite courses and be ready to begin your 16-month journey to earn your BSN, it can also be just as intimidating. You may be wondering: What now? How do I register for my classes? Where do I go for my first day? The answers to those questions – and many more – will be provided at various introductory events mentioned below. And, just as you’ve had an admissions advisor to guide and support you through the application and admissions process, once you’re admitted, you have site staff – including the director of nursing education, site faculty, and me (the academic advisor) – to assist you from your first day as a nursing student all the way through to graduation.

Marian Nursing Class

Registration Day

The first event is called Registration Day. It is typically a half-day event held at the Marian University ABSN site by the Pyramids. During the event, you will be presented with an abundance of information and are officially registered for all 16 months of your courses by the Registrar.

Topics and activities include an IT information session, information on financing your nursing degree, a Q&A with the nursing education staff and the director of nursing education, photos for Marian University student IDs, and ordering books and uniforms from bookstore representatives.

Once you leave Registration Day, you will have your schedule in hand (for the next 16 months) and a better idea of what to expect in all aspects of the program.

Orientation Day

About a month after Registration Day on the first day of the semester in which you are scheduled to start classes, we host Orientation Day. This also takes place at the ABSN site. It is a full day of program prep for you. Students are required to wear uniforms for a class photo during this event.

The day typically begins with a welcome from the dean of the Marian University School of Nursing and is followed by faculty introductions and the time when admissions officially “hands you over” to the nursing education staff. Other important sessions include: a presentation on how to be a successful online learner by faculty and former students, an introduction to clinicals, a welcome and what to expect, question and answer with me and an orientation to Kaplan test prep services.

You will leave this day feeling well-informed, excited and probably a bit nervous since your classes will have already started and you will have an exam within the coming weeks.

Study Area at Marian
Study Area at Marian

Marian University Facilities

After that, it’s your turn. The majority of your coursework and class prep will be on your own. All of your nursing exams take place here at the site, and some lectures and labs and clinical orientations are here as well.

The site is open to you anytime during regular hours for you to study, utilize the computer lab, practice in the skills lab, and of course, visit me and the faculty with any questions or concerns.

Resources Available to Students

Although the Marian University for St.Vincent Health program isn't located on the main campus, as a Marian student, you have access to all the resources available at the main campus free of charge.

Here are just nine of the many resources available to Indianapolis nurses at Marian University:

  1. Fitness Center
  2. Health Clinic (free and discounted healthcare services including flu shots)
  3. Library
  4. Bookstore
  5. The Writing Center
  6. Office of Internships and Career Services (resume help)
  7. Peer Tutors
  8. Learning and Counseling Center (personal and academic counseling)
  9. Marian ID charges - You can add required charges (flu shots, books at the bookstore, etc.) to your student account using your Marian ID

There is also a campus nursing student organization, the Marian University Student Nurses Association (MUSNA), and they need student representatives from Marian University for St.Vincent Health. MUSNA is a pre-professional organization for nursing students located at the main campus. It prepares students for involvement in professional nursing organizations upon graduation. Anyone can join, and there are several benefits, including leadership opportunities and networking. MUSNA also hosts chili cook-offs, volunteer activities at a local homeless shelter, bowling parties and other events.

Whenever you visit the main campus, be sure to check in with campus security office in The Ruth Lilly Student Center (located by Subway) to pick up a free guest temporary parking tag to avoid getting a ticket.

From the moment you inquire about the program through to your graduation, we stay in close contact with you and guide you along the way so you are best informed and prepared to become a nurse. Come join us for the journey!