Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

Our ABSN program in Nashville allows you to learn about nursing theory when it’s most convenient for you. Plus, with online accelerated nursing coursework, you don’t have the stress of getting to campus at a certain time or struggling to find a parking spot. Keep in mind, however, while your nursing theory classes are accessible online, you must complete your lab work and clinical rotations in person.

Independent Study

Our e-Learning management system gives you the freedom to choose when and where to participate in your nursing theory classes, whether it’s 11 am or 11 pm. Through the intuitive system, you’re able to:

  • Read materials and listen to lectures,
  • Complete assignments and quizzes,
  • Socialize with peers in the discussion forum,
  • Participate in scheduled chat sessions with instructors.

While online coursework lets you learn at your own pace, it still requires you to meet the deadlines set forth by your instructors. Therefore, it’s best to follow a regular study routine so the convenience of online learning doesn’t take you off track.

Suits Multiple Learning Styles

As part of this online learning case study, students are asked to determine the proper dosage amounts for treating a 5-year-old girl that has been wheezing for 12 hours.

As part of this online learning case study, students are asked to determine the proper dosage amounts for treating a 5-year-old girl that has been wheezing for 12 hours.

Designed to accommodate aural, visual, social, and tactile learning styles, our e-Learning management system helps make it easy for you to retain important nursing theory concepts by way of:

  • Detailed imagery that supports text materials,
  • 3D graphics that add realism to learning activities,
  • Audio and/or video lectures that can be replayed,
  • Discussion forums that share student thoughts.
  • Chat sessions that provide real-time conversations.

While online learning is highly dynamic, if you have a question about the course material, it is not always possible to receive an immediate response from your instructors. However, our instructors are highly accessible, with scheduled office hours and dedicated time slots for returning emails.

I love being able to watch the video lectures as many times as I need. Being able to pause and rewind lectures is something you can’t do in the classroom.

—Anna Robertson, Class of December 2017

Experience the Nurse Role

Online coursework lets you experience an active role in the learning process. Akin to an advanced video game experience, our interactive activity modules simulate real-world nursing scenarios that could have you:

  • Monitoring a teen during her pregnancy and assisting in child delivery,
  • Calculating the appropriate prescription dosage for a sick toddler,
  • Performing a home health care assessment for a senior citizen.

Overall, these activity modules help develop your problem solving and decision making skills before the start of your in-person nursing skills labs and clinical practice.

Online Learning Demo

This video highlights some interactive aspects of our online learning platform. If you are interested in taking online classes or getting a complete behind-the-scenes look, we encourage you to check out the entire Online Learning Demo. It shows you what it would be like to take online classes as a Marian University Accelerated BSN program student.


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