Nursing School Prerequisites: What You Need to Know

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If you are considering going back to school to become a nurse, you will have to take a few nursing school prerequisites. Luckily, we make it easy for you to complete these courses and transition into our ABSN program through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP).

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Starting your nursing education is one of the most exciting and life-altering things you can ever do. You are embarking on a completely new path toward a career that requires compassion, energy, and constant learning. A nurse’s education is never complete, after all.

Many Marian University Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) students may need to take a couple of courses before they enroll in the program. But before you can begin your nursing courses, you will probably need a couple of prerequisites. Having a firm understanding of the material in these courses is essential to your successful completion of the program.

While many traditional four-year bachelor programs require a slew of core classes that can seem completely irrelevant to your major, prerequisites ensure that you are set up for success and can make the most out of your time in our ABSN program.

There are many benefits to the prerequisite courses you will be taking for the accelerated BSN program. They can help you get back into a school routine if you’ve been out for a while, get you used to online learning, and, most importantly, provide the knowledge base your nursing courses will build upon.

Online nursing coursework prepares ABSN for clinical work as well at the real world

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What are Marian University’s ABSN Prerequisites?

Like many other online accelerated BSN programs, Marian University requires students to have a bachelor’s degree. However, students don’t have to have a healthcare or nursing background to qualify for the program, so the previous degree can be in a non-nursing field. (If you are currently working toward a bachelor’s degree and know you want to go on to become a nurse, contact one of our admissions advisors to see how you could fit a prerequisite or two into your current academic program.)

Prerequisite Science CoursesCredits
BIO 214 Introductory Microbiology*4
BIO 225 Human Anatomy*5
BIO 226 General Human Physiology*5
CHE 100 Elements of General and Biological Chemistry*4
Prerequisite General Education CoursesCredits
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology**3
PSY 220 Human Growth and Development**3
Suggested Programs (Not Required)Credits
PSY 205 Statistical Methods**3
THL 105 Introduction to Theology**3
THL 200 level or above**3

*Must pass with a C or better (2.8 GPA minimum)
**Must pass with a C or better

Please note that curriculum and admission requirements are subject to change. (Marian University 2021-22 Course Catalog, page 79)

Because the program is accelerated and takes 16 months to complete, the ABSN curriculum solely focuses on nursing-specific information. In fact, you will spend a large portion of the program in clinicals and simulation labs, so there isn’t time for non-nursing courses such as humanities or microbiology. These courses will provide the basic knowledge you need to focus on and successfully complete your more advanced nursing coursework.

Options to Complete Your Prerequisites

You have a few options for completing your prerequisites for Marian’s ABSN program. If you have completed some of those courses in your previous education, speak to an admissions advisor about transferring those credits. For students who have earned previous bachelor’s degrees in a healthcare or science field, there may be significant overlap in courses. For those with completely unrelated bachelor’s degrees, there will be less overlap, but that’s okay. Courses are designed to get everyone on an even playing field before entering the program. So if this is all new to you, the prerequisites will bring you to the same level as your peers.

Aside from transferring courses from previous education, you also have the option of taking these courses at another university and transfer them to Marian. Before taking a course elsewhere, however, be sure to speak to our admissions advisors to ensure that your credits will transfer. While it may work for some of your courses, it can get a little complicated. That’s one of the many reasons we recommend you take your prerequisites through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP).

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Why Take Nursing School Prerequisites Through MAP?

MAP offers a variety of courses, certificates, and degrees for working adults, and as an ABSN student, you will be able to utilize MAP to complete your nursing school prerequisites.

MAP courses are online to allow you the flexibility to begin taking classes without disrupting your schedule or work life. Plus, their accelerated five- and eight-week formats mean you can get started now and finish in time for your target ABSN start date.

One of the major perks of taking your nursing school prerequisites through MAP is that reserved seating for Marian University’s ABSN program, while not guaranteed, does exist, given you meet the necessary grade and GPA requirements. You’ll need to talk to an admissions advisor to determine your eligibility. It’s also important to mention that because you will be taking these courses through Marian, they will transfer to our nursing school, which takes the guessing game out of taking prerequisites at other universities and allows a smooth transition into the ABSN program.

MAP students will also use the same e-Learning platform that ABSN nursing students use, giving them a chance to familiarize themselves with the online learning platform before starting the nursing program.

Marian University ABSN success

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Other Admissions Requirements

Completing your prerequisite courses is a step toward acceptance into Marian’s ABSN program; however, they are not the only requirements for our program. As previously mentioned, this program is a second-degree program, so our applicants must hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. We also require prospective students to hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 or a GPA of 3.00 for the last 60 credit hours they have completed.

For a more in-depth look at the admissions process, we have compiled an admissions checklist to ensure that you complete all the necessary steps to become eligible for our program.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Becoming a Nurse?

Contact an admissions advisor today if you are ready to take the next step by completing your nursing school prerequisites. They will walk you through the steps to complete your prerequisites and answer any questions you may have about the application process.