What to Do Before Nursing School Starts

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Have you decided to go to school to become a nurse, but you’re wondering what to do before nursing school starts? In order to be prepared going into nursing school, you should have conversations with your employer and family, evaluate your habits, and get organized.

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It’s easy to only think about your future when you decide to switch careers. Once you realize how unsatisfied you are in your current job, you may daydream about working in a setting where you’re appreciated, you love the people you see every day, and you know your work is important.

So, you’ve decided you want to go to school to become a registered nurse, and you’ve started researching accelerated nursing programs. However, that’s not all you have to do to start on your journey. There are still a few things you should do before nursing school starts.

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Have Conversations with People

Before beginning nursing school, you must also consider the other people in your life who will be affected by the change; this includes your current employer and any family who may be affected by the drastic lifestyle change.

Speak with Your Employer

This one could be the most nerve-wracking conversation you have; however, it is also a vital one. Because accelerated programs require absolute dedication, few students work full-time while taking classes and attending labs and clinicals.

It is important to talk to your current employer about this considerable time commitment you’re undertaking, as you may need to quit your job or severely limit the hours you work.

Speak with Your Family

Before going back to school, you should also have a conversation with your family. Nursing school requires dedication and is a significant time commitment, so you will need their support throughout the program.

You will be busy during the ABSN program, as you’ll need to study, attend classes (whether online or in person), and go to clinicals and labs to practice your nursing skills. You’ll need plenty of support from your spouse or significant other during this time.

It’s also important to talk to your children about the change. Depending on their age, they may have a hard time adjusting, but with the online ABSN at Marian University, you can take your online classes at home. This means you can fit your education into your daily schedule, regardless of whether you have toddlers or teenagers. However, even though you can take the coursework online from home, it’s still important that your children understand the changes they should expect during the in-person portion of the program.

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Evaluate Your Habits

Look at your pre-existing habits and how they will fit into your life as a nursing student, such as time management and study methods. Depending on your schedule and workload, you may need to change or adjust these habits.

Find a Work-Life Balance

Before nursing school, learning how to manage your time is important. You need to figure out what ratio of schoolwork, socializing, and rest is most productive for you. Nursing coursework and studying should take priority, but it’s important to still give yourself time to rest and relax in order to avoid burning out.

It can be challenging to juggle everything, but finding a productive work-life balance will make the transition to nursing school much easier.

Identify the Most Effective Study Methods

Studying will be going to be a big part of the nursing program, and it can be long and inefficient if you don’t find the most productive study methods for you. Everyone learns a little differently, so what works for others might not work for you. Uncovering your learning style can make your life easier.

Once you identify whether you’re a visual, aural, verbal, or kinesthetic learner, you can find the study methods that work best for you. Using strategies that align with your style will help you retain the material and improve your efficiency during studying.

It’s also important to take full advantage of the study tools available to you, such as planners. Writing down what needs to get done and when you need to complete it can help keep you accountable and productive when you need to be.

All of these are good habits to get into before starting nursing school so you can take full advantage of the program and be as efficient as possible in your studies.

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Get Organized

You’ll want to be prepared going into nursing school, as putting in the work ahead of time will minimize your worries once you start your coursework. One simple way you can organize yourself before starting is by stocking up on supplies and reviewing concepts.

Stock up on Supplies

It’s important to go into your classes and studies prepared with everything you may need. This includes everything from office supplies like notebooks, pens, binders, and highlighters to nursing supplies like scrubs, shoes, and a stethoscope.

Many students overlook these items when preparing for nursing school, but taking this small step can help put you on the right foot as you begin the ABSN program.

Review Concepts

It’s also a good idea to review basic anatomy concepts in preparation for your nursing coursework as a refresher. It will give you the background knowledge you need to understand the new concepts you’ll be learning. Reviewing those basic concepts can make the transition to nursing school much easier.

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Now that you’re ready to start a new career journey and know what to do before nursing school begins, contact us to enroll in Marian University’s accredited ABSN program in Indianapolis, Nashville, or Oklahoma City, where you can earn a degree in as few as 16 months.