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4 Things Not to Commit to While in Nursing School

4 Things Not to Commit to in Nursing SchoolNursing students are ambitious individuals. That is indeed what makes them successful in Marian University’s accelerated nursing program. However, that ambition can cause them to spread themselves thin from time to time. Remember, while in nursing school, your education has to be your top priority.

Here are a few things that we suggest you don’t take on during nursing school:

Volunteering – While volunteering at a hospital can help your education, taking on other volunteer work can cause unwanted stress. Those drawn to the nursing profession have a passion for making a difference, but keep in mind that you can’t devote yourself to too many causes at once. Focus on nursing while in nursing school, and you’ll make a difference by becoming a successful nurse.

Working Demanding Jobs – We usually advise our students not to work. Some nursing students do hold jobs successfully, especially when their jobs are related to health care. That said, attempting to keep a job with a strict schedule will limit your ability to do your best in nursing school. Between clinicals and studying, nursing school becomes your job and other obligations have to be flexible.

Participating in Clubs – Joining clubs outside of nursing organizations adds a whole new layer of commitment to your already busy life as a nursing student. Nursing students tend to want to be the best they can be at everything they do. Joining organizations that you can’t fully immerse yourself in due to your studies could leave you feeling guilty for not being as involved as other members.

Strict Dieting and Exercising – While it’s important to stay healthy during nursing school, starting demanding exercise routines or restrictive diets is not the best idea as a nursing student. Stick to simple exercises that you can do quickly and healthy meals that can be prepared with minimal effort.

While nursing school will undoubtedly become your focus for the 16 months you’re studying, don’t forget time for yourself. It’s important to still relax with your friends and family. Read more on how to involve them in your studies here!

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