6 Questions to Ask When Considering an Accelerated Nursing Program

6 Questions to Consider when Choosing a Nursing SchoolNursing school is a big decision. As admissions advisors, we try to make the process as smooth as possible. We make sure that future students have all the information they need to apply to the school that will meet their needs. It is just as important to ask the correct questions to find the school that will work best for you.

Before coming to your appointment, make sure to do research on the school you’re visiting and prepare a list of questions you would like to have answered during your initial appointment. Not only is it a great way to learn about the program, you will also get all the information required for an informed decision.

Below is a list of questions to help get you started:

1. Is the program accredited by the state board of nursing?

Reason: When you are investing time, energy and funding into a program, you want to make sure that the program is accredited. You will need a program accredited by the state board of nursing to be eligible to take your NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).

2. What is the NCLEX pass rate?

Reason: Higher pass rates mean that the program knows how to prepare students for the NCLEX exam and for work as a registered nurse (RN).

3. Where will the clinicals be held?

Reason: Your clinical experience is the hands-on experience you receive while getting your nursing degree. You want to make sure that you are getting the most you can from your time at the clinical site. The more real-world experience you have, the better prepared you will be once you’re working as a nurse.

4. Are there current students I can speak with about the program?

Reason: The best information comes from students who have completed the program and have been through the nursing curriculum. They can provide helpful information on study habits, what to expect in clinicals and what makes a successful student in the program. Usually schools will have Open Houses, info sessions, or students on campus you can speak with about their nursing experiences.

5. What does a typical week look like in the nursing program?

Reason: Setting the right expectation for a prospective nursing student is important. Time required for testing, skills labs, lectures and clinicals add up to a weekly time commitment that is vital to know when determining if the program will fit with your schedule.

6. How much is the program – total cost and per credit hour?

Reason: It is important to know the cost per credit hour as well as the overall cost of the program. Some schools have a lower cost per credit hour but require you to complete more credits. Schools with a higher cost per credit hour may not have as many credits to complete, so the overall cost is lower. You will also want to factor in the length of the program. Is the higher cost worth it if you are able to graduate and get in the field working (in other words, making money) as soon as possible?Open House Marian for St. Vincent Health

Your admissions advisor is one of your biggest supporters, so make sure to reach out to them with any questions at any point in the program. We love working with students from the first meeting to graduation and beyond!

To speak with a current Marian ABSN program student, speak to an admissions advisor today. They can put you in touch with a current student.

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