5 Benefits of an Online Nursing Education

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There are many benefits to online nursing through Marian University’s ABSN program. By combining online coursework with in-person labs and clinicals, you will have more flexibility in your schedule and can adapt to your needs without sacrificing interactivity or connection with professors and classmates.

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Although rewarding, becoming a registered nurse is by no stretch of the imagination easy. No matter which path towards earning your nursing degree you choose, you will have to be dedicated to your education. However, there are many benefits of online nursing programs that you may not find in a traditional program, which could provide a leg up on your nursing career. If online learning sounds appealing, Marian University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program may be the perfect fit for you.

What is an ABSN Program?

The 16-month ABSN program at Marian University implements a hybrid modality where students complete coursework online. At the same time, labs and clinicals are completed at the ABSN learning site and local medical facilities. This way, you will build skills that put into practice what you learn in your online classes.

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Many nurses say the primary reason they chose an online program is because of the convenience and flexibility. Online learning offers students trying to balance a family, career, and other commitments the opportunity to earn a degree without sacrificing their other interests and obligations.

Read on to learn five of the top benefits of online education for nurses through Marian University’s ABSN program.

1. Learn Where and When It’s Convenient

The ABSN online nursing education is an asynchronous environment. In an asynchronous learning environment, students can participate at their convenience instead of being limited to participating at the designated location and time a class is offered.

Online nursing flexibility allows students to study how, where, and when it works for them. So long as you have an internet connection, you can study in an environment you know works for you, such as a library or at home, and manage your lessons around your schedule. This means you can listen to lectures or participate in classroom discussions after you have sent your kids off to school or early in the morning before your other obligations.

In the online format, students can post their homework and contribute to discussions when it works best for them. Due dates are in place to help you stay on track, but you can decide how you would like to distribute your time spent on assignments.

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The benefits of online learning go beyond mere convenience. In fact, the online nursing education environment is designed to be more conducive to your individual learning style. If you are looking for a great nursing program, the online learning could be the right fit for you.

2. Revisit and Review Material

Because your class material is online, you can replay lessons as often as necessary. Whether you need clarification on notes you were taking the first time you listened to a lecture or want to complete one of the virtual simulations again to bolster your theoretical knowledge, the online format allows you to review until you have mastered your lessons.

In a traditional classroom, this is not an option. You attend class and study based on the notes you take. Perhaps the professor will provide additional resources, but nothing is for certain. In an online course, everything is there for you to access at any given time. You can rest assured that you will be able to find everything you need when you need it in order to succeed.

3. Interactive Classrooms

Class participation is a very different dynamic in a program with online-based coursework versus a traditional program. In a traditional classroom, faculty members typically lecture, allowing students only one opportunity to learn material from an instructor. Online nursing classes allow students to:

  • Engage in classroom discussions
  • Work on virtual simulations
  • Interact with fellow nursing students and professors

Online classrooms are more interactive and student-friendly than people generally expect. Students can interact with assignments and one another through the online platform. Virtual simulations tie into the lessons, and class discussions are frequently held to delve further into nursing theory. Students can work together to help teach and learn from one another. Established office hours and chat features also allow nursing students to engage with their professors as needed.

The online environment is especially suitable for students who are shy of voicing their opinions or do not have English as their first language. They get to collect their thoughts and proofread what they want to communicate with the rest of the class before posting them on the discussion forum.

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It is also worth mentioning that you will be completing your labs and clinical rotations with your cohort, so you will also interact with your classmates in person. We encourage you to build relationships with others in your cohort to form study groups and support each other in your online classes.

4. Adaptive Classrooms

Every student learns differently. Through online education, nursing students can learn in various ways. Online learning offers:

  • Recorded lectures
  • Reading assignments
  • Virtual simulations
  • And more

This formatting allows all nursing students to learn the material in the format they need. Some students may prefer quiet environments in which material is read to them. Lectures are a great option for those students. Others may need to read to best understand a lesson, and online assignments can serve as an excellent resource for them. Still more need to interact with the material in order to grasp a concept completely. Virtual simulations allow these students to excel.

5. Supplement Online Learning with Hands-on Experience

Although the online learning platform offers students a great educational experience, a quality nursing education also incorporates hands-on learning.

Through simulation labs, students work with advanced manikins with the guidance of a lab instructor and fellow nursing students. These labs provide a safety net in which students can learn how to interact with patients, physicians, and fellow nursing students.

Marian ABSN students working with simulation manikin

Gain a better understanding of skills and simulation labs, what they are like, and why they are so important to your nursing education.

Clinical rotations are another critical component of a complete nursing education. Students in Marian’s Accelerated BSN program complete clinical rotations through reputable facilities in the Indianapolis and Nashville areas such as those in the Ascension St. Vincent Health and the Ascension St. Thomas Health networks.

During these clinical rotations, nursing students work with a preceptor and real patients to learn about healthcare environments and working as a team.

Ready to Take the First Step?

If online nursing sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle and plans for the future, then contact us today to find out from your admissions advisor if you are eligible to begin your journey as a Marian University ABSN student.