Getting Your Nursing License in Another State

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As an aspiring nursing student seeking a nursing program, you may think earning your BSN in one state and getting your nursing license in another state can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Relocation is a serious consideration for nursing students everywhere.

Many students today fear that relocating to earn their BSN in another state will hinder their chances to practice in their desired home state. Thankfully, this is not the case – students are, in fact, able to attend Marian University's nursing school in Indianapolis and complete their NCLEX in the state they wish to be licensed in.

Benefits: Relocating and Getting Your Nursing License in Another State

Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life, are looking for more nursing school opportunities, or are moving for your significant other, relocating can be an exciting start!

Marian University - getting your nursing license in another state (Relocating to Indianapolis)

There are several benefits to relocating for your BSN that students fail to see. If you are seeking a quality nursing degree in a timely manner, attending an out-of-state school may be your best option. And, you don’t have to worry, because getting your nursing license in another state once you earn your BSN is doable.

Dodge a Nursing School Waitlist

Staying where you are and waiting to get into nursing school is not an option for everyone. You can avoid that nursing school waitlist by considering a 16-month relocation to Indianapolis. Getting your nursing license in another state is simple with Marian University’s Accelerated BSN program in Indiana. The program will not only help to jump start your career, but will allow you to get started now.

By providing numerous start dates each year (three times per year in January, May, and August), Marian University’s ABSN program avoids a waitlist. Additionally, students can devote more time to their ABSN prerequisite courses without putting their nursing education on hold for an entire year.

Find a Program That Sees Your Potential

Finding a nursing program that prioritizes your best interest is a huge bonus of searching for out-of-state nursing schools. Marian University helps students gain a quality education while applying important skills resulting in future success.

Marian University sees the potential each nursing student has to offer and wants to see you succeed. Along with guiding you through the admissions process and reviewing your academic history, your admissions advisor will help you understand the potential struggles you may face or alleviate concerns you may have before starting a hybrid program. Your advisor is always available and willing to serve as your rock through your exciting journey to becoming a nurse.

Why Marian University?

1. Speed of program

Students attending Marian University’s ABSN program are eligible to earn their online BSN degree in 16 months. With the demand for registered nurses advancing at a rapid rate, the program allows students to promptly start their nursing career. Taking on an accelerated program proves to employers that you have the ability to think quickly on your feet and can excel at a rapid rate.

2. St. Vincent clinical partnership

Marian University has teamed up with St. Vincent, a leading hospital and health care provider in Indianapolis. Students acknowledge the fact that they are able to complete 750 clinical hours through the prominent hospital.  These clinical rotations cover the following:

  • Core nursing competencies in which you will use every day as a registered nurse
  • Interaction with classmates through group activities
  • Engagement with an experienced mentor

At the end of the day, Marian University believes in your strengths. Through its online accelerated BSN program in Indianapolis, students have the ability to become a nurse regardless of what their past education might have been. For example, if you have an undergraduate degree in political science and no longer possess a desire seeking that degree, Marian University has you covered. Becoming a nurse in 16 months has changed the lives of many past students.

With proven results, students maintain a higher than average National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) pass rate. This pass rate holds true to the quality education that Marian University has to offer.

Graduating with your BSN

Many students question getting their nursing license in another state and are concerned that they will not be able to practice in their home state. Fear not; the best part about earning your BSN from Marian University is being able to pursue your nursing career anywhere you choose.

At the end of the program, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN in their preferred state. When applying for the NCLEX-RN, graduates can select the state in which they choose to obtain a license. With exceptionally high NCLEX-RN pass rates, Marian University graduates are fully ready to take part in the world nursing.

Life after Relocating

Expect big shifts to take place in your life after relocating to Indianapolis and attending Marian University’s ABSN program. The 16 month experiential based learning program will set you up for success in countless ways.

Contact an ABSN admissions advisor today to learn more about relocating to Indianapolis, the ABSN program at Marian University, and getting your nursing license in another state.