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What do you mean your nursing program is online?

It’s a question I’m asked all the time. “Is your entire program online?”  For some people, hearing the word “online” in the title of our accelerated online BSN program is attractive. For others, it sounds a little troublesome. “How on earth do you become a nurse online?”

Both are legitimate perspectives. I’m writing this blog to offer some clarity and invite you to tour our facility for a better understanding.

Nursing School in IndianapolisOurs is a “hybrid” program, which is a term used widely in higher education and often with a variety of definitions. At Marian University, it means a combination of online studies, practical application and clinical experience.

In terms of clinical experience, our students receive more than 750 hours of hands-on, clinical instruction at partners St.Vincent in Indianapolis and Saint Thomas in Nashville. Both are members of Ascension Health, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health system.

So to answer the question “Can I do this from anywhere in the country?”, the answer is no. Between clinical rotations, proctored exams and attending skills lab, you need to live in close proximity. The good news? Indianapolis and Nashville are pretty cool places to live.


For those who think the online component sounds a little mysterious, read on:

Checkoffs4We recognized second-degree students have “been there, done that” in terms of attending campus classrooms. As adults, your schedule and responsibilities have changed. Therefore, the online component allows you to study anytime, anywhere. If you need to get your kids ready for school and break from a lecture, you pause. If the last part of the lecture was over your head, you rewind. If you need to ask a question, you ask. And if you need to sleep, you turn it off until morning.

checkoffs 2Many of our students have never taken an online class before. No worries. We’re here to help. You are never alone. In fact, most people are surprised when they first tour our sites and see the interaction among students. They see teams working together with our outstanding faculty or gathering in small groups to study before an exam.

That initial impression I hear so often is “Wow, you called me back so quickly!” or “My advisor was awesome and really seemed to want to get to know me personally!” These statements are further solidified when they witness firsthand the camaraderie.

We really are one big support network  with the goal to make you the best nurse you can be. Not unlike those days of your undergrad studies, starting nursing school is a lot of fun. You are just a little older, a little wiser and the goal is extremely focused. Sure, it’s tough, but you are invigorated and determined. Becoming a nurse has probably been in your heart for a long time.

checkoffs3The best part? Realizing you aren’t the only one coming from an entirely different career or your educational paths were the same.


If you want to learn more about the online learning portions of your nursing education, speak to an admissions advisor today.





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