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One semester down as a nursing student, three to go!

This is a guest post written by Leslie Wheeler, a current student in Marian UniversityNursing Students‘s ABSN program in Indianapolis.

Well, I was fortunate enough to pass all my first semester classes! At times, I was seriously concerned about how I would get everything finished and do well. I would feel the stress begin to build, and I had to rely on faith and courage at times. I have heard it said that “All men of faith have courage,” and I can see why that helps now.

I would begin to feel overwhelmed because life does go on while you are in nursing school. I would just take a time out and close my eyes and picture myself as a nurse, helping someone who is ill. I would visualize myself teaching my patient to take a time out and before I knew it, my stress level was lowered. It wasn’t gone, but it was once again manageable.

The Marian University Franciscan values of peace and justice comes to mind. Caring and compassion for an individual who is ill is my goal. I know that I came to the right place to learn how to be the kind of nurse nurse I would want caring for me. I am re-energized and motivated to be the best nurse I can be. I’m ready to face the next three semesters head on and push through to the goal. I couldn’t have selected a better place to do that than Marian University for St.Vincent Health!

Congratulations, Leslie! At Marian University, we are proud of you and all of our students for never giving up.

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