Start the Accelerated Nursing Program at Marian University in 2014

MAP DeadlineIf you think a career in nursing is something that you’ll have to wait a long time to start working towards, think again. You could begin your nursing education with Marian University’s accelerated nursing program as early as next summer! How? Keep reading.

The first step is meeting with an admissions advisor. Your admissions advisor will guide you through the admissions process by getting to know your personal situation and goals. If you don’t already have an admissions advisor, you can set up an appointment by calling 866.892.6463 or filling out this form. During your initial appointment, which can be completed in person or over the phone, your admissions advisor will help you create a personalized academic plan. That plan usually consists of completing some prerequisites.

So, how do you complete your prerequisites?

We recommend using Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP). There are many benefits to completing your required prerequisites with MAP. Here are a few:

  • MAP offers all of the nursing prerequisites needed for our program in one place.
  • You gain practice with online learning before beginning our program, which is helpful if you’re new to the format.
  • The transcripts from your MAP courses will be easily accessible to your admissions advisor, saving time during the application process.
  • The courses are only eight-weeks and have multiple starts per year, allowing you to complete prerequisites faster.

If MAP sounds like a good choice for you, the next MAP application deadline is December 16. Mark your calendar and get in touch with an admissions advisor soon to meet the deadline and join the summer cohort of our accelerated nursing program.

We look forward to welcoming you to the program! Contact us today so you can start completing your prerequisites in time to start your nursing education in 2014.

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