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Nursing School Prerequisites: More than a First Step

You may have had dreams of turning your bachelor’s degree into a nursing degree, but then you got married, had a kid (or three), or simply got caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. But somewhere along the way, you revisited your dream. Which is probably why this blog sparks your interest.

Much like you, Sheryl Graybill, an Marian University student in the accelerated nursing program decided to reconsider her nursing dream. Instead of letting her dream take the back seat when life came at her full force, Sheryl went the extra mile by agreeing to complete her nursing school prerequisites through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP).

Nursing School Prerequisites: More than a First Step

A Glance at Sheryl’s Story

Sheryl always had the desire to care for patients, but she was in the field of radiology. Working as a radiologic technologist for several years, a much more technical than patient-focused field, Sheryl realized that she had somewhat veered from her path to caring for patients.

To begin preparing for nursing school, she began taking pre-nursing courses. But that’s when life threw her for a loop.

“I had a boyfriend that was killed by a drunk driver and I quit,” Sheryl says.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t warn us of tragic situations that can cause our personal goals to fall by the wayside. And that was tragic, indeed. Perseverance, however, is a characteristic of someone destined to become a nurse – someone like Sheryl. Though she faced an incredibly hard trial, she did not give up on her dream.

“I never lost my interest and passion for nursing,” Sheryl says. “My kids are now more independent, so I’ve decided to go back to school to fulfill my goal of becoming a nurse.”

MAP: An Important Part of Sheryl’s Journey

Sheryl turned to Marian University to continue her journey because we provide a straightforward path to nursing school through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP). MAP offers a variety of courses, certificates, and degrees for working adults; and as an ABSN student you will be able to utilize MAP to complete your nursing school prerequisites.

MAP courses are offered online to allow you the flexibility to begin taking courses without disrupting your schedule or work life. Plus, the accelerated aspect of these courses means you can get started now and finish in time for your target ABSN start date.

Admissions Advisors at Marian University are committed to ensuring your success, and one of their major responsibilities is to assist students like Sheryl who need to take prerequisites before applying to the nursing program.

Marc Bradley, an Admissions Advisor at Marian University, works closely with ABSN students and is a great example of a dedicated Admissions Advisor. Marc spends his days with students who are at various points in the admissions process, helping them through each step of the process.

“My role is to guide students through the admissions process,” says Marc. “The process of getting into nursing school is a mystery for many, but we do a great job of taking the mystery out of it.”

Marc knows that while many other nursing schools would not consider you to be a nursing student if you’re taking prerequisites, you are indeed a nursing school student. That’s why he enjoys introducing students to Marian’s Adult Programs.

“Nursing is different than most degrees because it’s truly an investment,” Marc says.

When you invest in nursing school by taking your prerequisites at Marian University, you can rest easy knowing your investment is good for nursing school as well. That’s just one of the perks of MAP.

So, what are the benefits of taking prereqs through MAP?

online-courseworkBy now you may be wondering, “What makes MAP courses so great?” Great question!

Take a look at the benefits you would enjoy as an ABSN student taking your prerequisites through Marian’s Adult Programs. Sheryl gives us her perspective as a current ABSN student taking MAP courses. Marc also gives his insight as an Admissions Advisor who assists ABSN students interested in MAP.

1. Your potential seat holder.

That’s right. Reserved seating for Marian University’s ABSN program, while not guaranteed, does exist – given you meet the necessary grade and GPA requirements. You’ll need to talk to an admissions advisor to determine your eligibility.

Marc: “Few schools will offer this level of flexibility and availability to complete a prerequisite class,” Marc says.

Sheryl: “I have found my experience with MAP to be positive and rewarding,” Sheryl says. “The teachers have been great, they are well organized, and they are always available to answer questions.”

2. Your introduction to the course structure.

MAP students use the same e-Learning platform that ABSN nursing students use, giving them a chance to familiarize themselves with the online learning platform before starting the nursing program.

Marc: “The process is pretty simple,” Marc says. “You get an email that gives you access to Canvas [the ABSN Online Learning Platform] and before classes start I touch base to make sure [you] are comfortable with the process.”

Sheryl: “It was very easy to get used to the MAP course structure,” Sheryl says. “There were very thorough instructions available and all my questions were answered promptly.”

3. Your path to becoming a nurse.

The MAP courses are offered in five- and eight-week formats to make sure you can begin nursing school on your target start date. It also provides flexibility for students with busy lives… like most of us.

Marc: “The opportunity to do the class from anywhere with an internet connection is great and prepares [students] for nursing school,” Marc says.

Sheryl: “The flexibility allows learners to take classes even if they have a busy schedule,” Sheryl says. “It helps you to become self-disciplined and improve your time-management skills.”

4. Your golden ticket.

When you take your ABSN prerequisites through MAP, your credits are transferrable to Marian University’s nursing school. Such a relief, right? With nursing school being the ultimate next step for MAP students, there is no better feeling than knowing your hard work isn’t for naught.

Marc: “The opportunity to help someone achieve a goal is quite satisfying,” Marc says. “It’s rewarding to watch someone’s confidence grow! It really is cool to see someone begin to believe in themselves as much as I do.”

Sheryl: “I would recommend MAP courses [because] they allow you to have a smooth transition in your program,” Sheryl says.

Perhaps you can relate to Sheryl’s circumstance, having a setback that sidetracked you from pursuing you nursing goal. If you’re ready to continue your nursing school journey, consider Marian University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. You can start your prerequisites for nursing school through Marian’s Adult Programs, and hold your spot for nursing school right out the gate. Contact an admissions advisor today!

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