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Q&A with Benjamin, a Marian University ABSN Nursing Student

This blog post is a Q&A with Benjamin Jennings, a student currently enrolled in the Indianapolis accelerated nursing program at Marian University.

1. After receiving a previous bachelor’s degree, why did you return to school to pursue a career in nursing?

After considering a career change for a few years, I decided to finally answer the call from the Lord to pursue a career that was going to allow me to serve Him and others in a more productive way. That way was nursing. Honestly, it really was as simple as that. I had become very tired of my previous career and career situation and decided to follow the call placed on my heart to serve in health care via nursing.

2. What do you like best about being a student in Marian’s ABSN program?

I greatly appreciate the ability to do theory coursework without having to commute or leave my home. The ability to do non-clinical school work on my schedule is extremely convenient, and it allows me to easily fit the task of school work into my everyday schedule.

3. What do you feel is the greatest strength(s) of the program?

I think that the partnership with St.Vincent Health is an incredible strength of the program. Allowing us to work closely with the staff at those facilities as students really helps to immerse us in the profession. I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t also mention the staff at the ABSN site; those folks really care about us as students and are extremely dedicated to helping us become great nurses. A lot of credit and thanks go to them!

4. How is the program preparing you for a career in nursing?

Again, the connection with St.Vincent is vital to preparing me for a career in nursing. The level of experience and training we get during clinical rotations is extremely helpful in our preparation. I truly think that is a large reason why Marian graduates are so successful after finishing school.

5. Why would you recommend the Marian program to someone interested in a nursing career?

I hate to sound like a broken record, but yes, I would recommend the program because of the compassion and professionalism of the staff at the school site, as well as the relationship and partnership that the program has with St.Vincent. That relationship, along with the relationships I’ve built with Marian staff, has allowed me to network and meet folks in the profession so early in my educational track.

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