Why study theology in a nursing program?

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As you may know, Marian University requires two theology courses as part of the Indianapolis accelerated Bachelor BSN Program curriculum– Introduction to Theology and Moral Issues.

For students who do not have a background in Catholic education, the idea of studying theology may seem intimidating. Others may be wondering whether it is a productive use of time, asking the question, what in the world does theology have to do with nursing?

We believe that there is real value to be gained by exploring these courses, regardless of your own religious background. The exploration of theology will provide an opportunity to develop important skills that will help you become the best nurse that you can be and provide exceptional, compassionate care for your patients and their families.

Thinking Differently

Nursing requires many technical skills, but it also requires the ability to think critically and solve problems. The study of theology prepares you to explore abstract ideas from different perspectives, as well as communicate these ideas to others. This applies directly to your new career in nursing by preparing you to deal with complex technical issues, while being able to effectively communicate with doctors, patients and families.

The Human Element of Education and Nursing

A career in nursing promises that you’ll come into contact with people from various backgrounds and walks of life, including different faiths. Being comfortable interacting with individuals on this level, even if you do not share the same beliefs, is important to providing comfort and care to patients, as well as their families. The Moral Issues course also provides the ethical content of the ABSN curriculum, which transcends all faiths and provides an ethical foundation for your career in nursing.

Broadening Your Horizons

While nursing curriculum requires intense technical study, your nursing education experience should be more than memorizing processes and vocabulary – it should be about growing as a whole person so that you may better serve your patients and their families. Studying diverse subjects, such as theology, provides you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons and develop both personally and professionally. This exploration will give you the ability to better relate to those you serve as you continue on your journey of helping others through a career in nursing.

The principles of Catholicism are no doubt intrinsic to the identity of Marian University.  However, the religion is not forced upon our students – it is there to take advantage of if you so choose. With that being said, we strongly believe that the study of theology will only enhance the educational experience and ultimately help you to become the best nurse that you can be – growing in your ability to compassionately care for patients from all walks of life.

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