4 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Nurses and Nursing Students

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nursing gift ideas

Christmas is less than a week away. Have you marked off every person on your shopping list? If you are still looking for gifts to get the nurse or nursing student on your list, you are in luck. We have created this list of four last minute gifts that anyone in the nursing world will appreciate. Whether you are looking to spoil a nurse or a nursing student at our accelerated nursing program in Nashville or Indianapolis, our list has you covered.

Magazine Subscriptions: For nurses and nursing students who enjoy flipping through their favorite magazines in their off time, why not give them the gift that keeps on giving month after month? Buy the person you’re shopping for this season a year subscription to a magazine. Not only will they think of you with every issue they receive, they will learn from the gift you give them. If you aren’t certain of their favorite magazines or what they like to read, we recommend getting them a subscription to something that will help them in their career. Some nursing magazines include Scrubs Magazine, Nurse.com The Magazine, and National Nurse Magazine.

Gift Cards: Let go of the idea that gift cards scream “last minute gift." Gift cards can be very thoughtful and best of all, they are highly coveted by nurses! For example, if you know that the nurse or nursing student on your Christmas shopping list frequents Starbucks, get them a gift card. However, if you have no idea where they like to shop, don’t just pick a random place and get a gift card. Instead, buy them a Visa Gift Card that they can use as if it were any other debit card. That way, they aren’t tied down to spend their gift all in one place and they can choose where they would like to go with the gift you give them.

Spa Treatments: No one deserves to be pampered more this holiday season than the nurse or nursing student on your list. Whether the nurse in your life is worn out from clinical rotations or 12-hour work shifts, they deserve to be a little spoiled. If you know your nurse’s or nursing student’s schedule, why not book them a surprise spa package at a local spa? If you are unsure of their schedule, pick up a gift card from a spa or salon around your area and make it redeemable for the works! If you can’t decide on what treatments they would appreciate, we recommend a 60 to 90 minute (or longer) massage. If you are choosing between getting them a manicure and a pedicure, go with the pedicure because nurses spend so much time on their feet. A long soak will feel great. Plus, manicures don’t last long in the nursing world. Be sure to put enough money on the gift card to cover the service or services, as well as a 15% to 20% tip.

Gift Baskets: For a person who is frequently on the go, like most nursing students and nurses, gift baskets can make a perfect gift as they are often filled with smaller, snack size foods that they can take on the go anywhere. The opportunities are endless when it comes to gift baskets, and there is certainly one out there to satisfy the taste for a nurse on anyone’s list. Further, the basket or box the assorted gifts came in can be repurposed, and whenever they use it, they will think of you.

We hope this list of last minute gifts for nursing students and nurses helped you complete your Christmas shopping this season. If you’ve decided you would rather be the receiver of these gifts and many more gifts that last a lifetime and you are ready to pursue a career in nursing, let Marian University help you find the right nursing program for you! Contact us if you would like more information about our nursing programs in Nashville and Indianapolis.