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ABSN Prerequisites and Their Role in Your Nursing Education

Starting your nursing education is one of the most exciting and life-altering things you can ever do. You are embarking on a completely new path towards a career that requires compassion, energy, and constant learning. A nurse’s education is never complete, after all.

But before you can begin your nursing courses, you will probably need a couple of ABSN prerequisites. It is usually common for Marian’s Accelerated BSN students to need to take a couple of courses before their cohort starts. Some may groan at the prospect of completing what seem like inconsequential courses, especially since many traditional four-year bachelor programs require a slew of core classes that can seem completely irrelevant to your major.

ABSN prerequisites have a role in your nursing education

However, the prerequisite courses you will be taking for the accelerated BSN program do play an important role in your nursing education. Here’s why. . .

Why Are ABSN Prerequisites Important?

1. You’ll Get “Back in the Groove”

For those who are returning to nursing school after a gap, it may be difficult to adapt to student life again. You’ve already experienced the “real world,” where homework is almost non-existent and learning involves reading the latest industry news online. Your prerequisites give you the chance to ease your way into your nursing education. You can keep working full or part-time and complete the coursework during evenings and weekends.

Marian University allows students to complete the necessary prerequisites through MAP (Marian’s Adult Programs), which offers multiple start dates a year and gives students the ability to complete the coursework online. You can take your time with your prerequisites and go at your own pace.

2. You’ll Acquire an Important Base of Knowledge              

Unlike those trigonometry classes that your teachers swore would prepare you for the real world, the prerequisites required for the accelerated nursing program include foundational knowledge that must be understood before you can hope to advance in your nursing education. Your nursing courses will continue to build off of one another, and that includes your human anatomy, chemistry, and theology prerequisites. You cannot hope to understand the advanced classes if you have not completed your prerequisites.

3. You’ll Get a Chance to Try Out Online Learning

Some students who enter the accelerated nursing program at Marian may have already completed some of the prerequisites such as microbiology and physiology. Some credits may transfer from other schools, depending on what the classes were and how long ago they were completed. Make sure to ask your academic advisor about transferring credits.

But even if you feel like you are repeating some of the classes, the prerequisites can provide valuable insight. Taking these classes allows you to experience the online learning platform first hand. You’ll be able to build your study habits, figure out your best time to study and organize a study area before your nursing classes begin, allowing you a smooth transition into the BSN program. Just like your nursing courses, the prerequisites are interactive with full-time instructors, so you can feel completely comfortable with the format of your nursing classes.

4. You’ll be on the Same Playing Field

Every student who enters the accelerated BSN program at Marian comes from a different background. Some may have experience working at a hospital admittance desk. Others may have worked in a law firm. Some may come from a career in the military. Regardless of where you’ve worked previously, you will all be on even footing when you start your nursing classes. Your prerequisites will give all of you the same foundation, so you won’t feel that the rest of your classmates are outpacing you and you are being left behind. Even if some of your classmates have come from a hospital background, you all have the same chance to become a successful registered nurse.

Your ABSN prerequisites have so many benefits. Don’t feel that they’re just another hurdle to jump before starting your degree. Think of them as your first step.

What are Marian University’s ABSN Prerequisites?

Like many other online accelerated BSN programs, Marian University requires students to have a bachelor’s degree. However, students don’t have to have a medical or nursing background to qualify for the program, so the previous degree can be in a non-nursing field. (If you are currently working towards a bachelor’s degree and know you want to go on to become a nurse, contact one of our admissions advisors to see how you could fit a prerequisite or two into your current academic program.)

*BIO 214 Introductory Microbiology4
*BIO 225 Human Anatomy5
*BIO 226 General Human Physiology5
*CHE 100 Elements of General and Biological Chemistry4
+PSY 205/BUS 205 Statistical Methods3
+THL 105 Introduction to Theology or THL 216 Moral Issues3

* Must pass with a C+
+ Must pass with a C

Because the program is accelerated and only takes 16 months to complete, the ABSN curriculum solely focuses on nursing-specific information. In fact, you will spend a large portion of the program in clinicals and simulation labs, so there isn’t time for non-nursing courses, such as humanities or microbiology, which is why it is important to have those already completed before you start in the next cohort.

Are you ready to become a nurse? Learn about Marian University’s 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program by contacting us at 866.892.4355.

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