How Long Does It Take to Complete Prerequisites for Nursing School?

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ABSN Prerequisites: The student perspective

You’ve recently decided to change career paths and begin your nursing education. To be certain, it’s a big and exciting decision — one you’re likely eager to start right away!

It’s also likely why you’re considering enrolling in an accelerated BSN program like the one Marian University offers. But before you can enroll in our 16-month ABSN program, you have to complete all the prerequisites. How long does it take to complete prerequisites for nursing school? The answer largely depends upon your previous educational background.

In this blog post, we explore everything you need to know about taking prerequisite courses for the Marian University ABSN program. We’ll look at which courses you’ll need to take before you’re eligible to enroll, how and when to sign up to take them, how long it takes to complete prerequisites for nursing school, and more.

Marian University ABSN Prerequisites

For starters, to qualify for our accelerated nursing program, you must have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. As far as prerequisites go, our 16-month ABSN program has four science course requirements and two general education course requirements. You must earn a grade of “C+” or better in each of the following science courses and a grade of “C” or better in each of the following general education courses:

Science Courses:

  • BIO 225: Human Anatomy
  • BIO 214: Introductory Microbiology
  • BIO 226: General Human Physiology
  • CHE 100: Elements of General & Biological Chemistry

General Education Courses:

  • PSY 220: Human Growth & Development
  • PSY 230: Abnormal Psychology

Suggested, but not required to take before admission:

  • PSY 205: Statistical Methods
  • THL 200 level or above or THL 105: Moral Issues/Intro to Theology

It’s also worth pointing out that your prior general education credits don’t expire; if you’ve already completed one or more of the science prerequisite courses, you must have done so within seven years of entering the program. To ensure your past college credits are eligible for transfer, we encourage you to speak with one of our admissions advisors.

Allysia, a Marian ABSN student

“My advisor was great with helping me get into the chemistry prerequisite class I needed, making it so that it fit with my schedule,” says Allysia Campbell, ABSN Class of August 2019.

Nursing Prerequisites through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP)

When you’re ready to dive into your prerequisites for nursing school, we make it convenient for you to do so by offering all of them 100% online through Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP).

Choosing MAP to complete your prerequisites has several benefits, one being the fact that it offers five-week course options nine times a year and eight-week course options six times a year. This fact alone is a huge advantage for second-degree students eager to transition into nursing. “I liked that MAP was an online program, so I could do my coursework when I had the time. It was also very short — five weeks — meaning I could finish it over the summer before my cohort started,” Allysia says.

Another advantage of completing your prerequisite coursework through MAP? Assuming you maintain the minimum grade requirements, you may earn contingent admission into our nursing program for your target start date.

Kristen, a Marian ABSN student

“Because I came from a health science background, I didn’t have to take any MAP classes before I could apply for the program. However, I chose to take the theology course early so I could reserve a spot in the program,” says Kristen Walker, ABSN Class of May 2019. “All in all, it was a quick process.”

Why Prerequisites Are Important

In addition to being a requirement for admittance into our nursing school, the prerequisite courses you’ll take for the Marian University ABSN program play a vital role in your nursing education because they allow you to:

Get ‘Back in the School Groove’

If it’s been a while since you stepped into a classroom, your nursing school prerequisites can help to ease your way back into an educational setting.

“In the ABSN program, you have eight-week classes where you’re covering a ton of information quickly,” says Hannah McNabb, ABSN Class of May 2019, who took the chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology prerequisite courses through MAP after working for several years as a recruiter in the healthcare field. “Those prerequisites help develop your organizational skills and how you make your study schedule. That helped prepare me to get back in the school groove.”

Lay the Groundwork for Your Nursing Education

The prerequisite courses you’re required to pass before enrolling in the Marian University ABSN program include foundational knowledge you must understand before progressing in your nursing education. These courses are a great way to gauge how well you’ll do in nursing school, as your nursing courses will continue to build upon one another.

Also, because our ABSN program curriculum is framed within the context of Franciscan Values, we require students to take theology courses. These co-requisites help you learn how to think critically, understand the importance of compassionate care, and gives you the ability to better relate to those around you.

Familiarize Yourself with Our Online Learning Platform

The Marian University ABSN program’s dynamic e-learning management system features video, audio, PowerPoint, readings, discussion boards, and interactive labs. The great thing about MAP is that Leighton School of Nursing faculty and Marian University adjunct faculty credentialed in their fields of study teach all the ABSN prerequisite courses online through MAP using the same online learning platform.

This will give you a chance to get used to the structure of the online portion of your ABSN coursework before you even begin in the program.

Hannah, a Marian ABSN student

“I haven’t had exposure to online learning in my previous degrees, but Marian lays out their curriculum well. It’s all easy to follow,” Hannah says.

Get in the Nursing Mindset

Students enrolled in our ABSN program hail from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from marketing to biology. Even if you don’t have a science or healthcare background, accelerated nursing school prerequisites put you on even footing with other students who already have a degree in the sciences, giving you the same chance to become a successful registered nurse.

Taking ABSN prerequisite courses also helps you determine if nursing really is the new professional path you want to pursue.

“I didn’t have any of the prerequisites completed because I had a business degree my first time,” says Ruth Lamb, ABSN Class of December 2016. “I took every single class Marian offered, and as it kept going I really enjoyed it. My advisor got me on the path of when I should start, so once I finished the prereqs, I got admitted and the rest is history.”

Are you ready to shift gears and become a nurse? Learn how you can complete your nursing prerequisites online through MAP and enroll in our accelerated BSN program. Contact an admissions advisor today!