5 Nursing Career Paths in OKC and Nashville

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Marian University’s ABSN program provides excellent opportunities to experience various nursing career paths through clinical rotations at partnering facilities in Oklahoma City and Nashville. You will get to explore nursing pathways such as pediatrics, critical care, neonatal, obstetrics, and geriatrics which will help to transition into your career.

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Once you graduate and begin working, you can choose many different nursing career paths. Many are drawn to nursing for its day-to-day variety and diverse specialties, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can qualify you to work in many different nursing specialties. Marian University’s Accelerated BSN (ABSN) program, with locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Nashville, Tennessee, can make a nursing career possible even sooner.

Exploring different nursing pathways during nursing school can help prepare you for graduation and to enter the workplace. It is better to know what you enjoy and are skilled at ahead of time to avoid committing to a job that doesn’t fit you.

Marian University is committed to providing excellent practical experiences through our clinical partnerships. Whether you are studying at our Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, or Nashville locations, what you learn in your clinical rotations can give you a head start in your career.

Many students even secure jobs at these medical facilities immediately upon graduating. Networking is important in any field, especially nursing, since experience is highly valued. If senior nurses and hospital management see students working hard to learn and be valuable team members, it will be easy to find recommendations when it comes time to apply for jobs. Not to mention, you will be comfortable and know your way around once you are on the job, thanks to your hours spent there in clinical rotations.

We will focus on five nursing career pathways and how facilities such as Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City and the Ascension Saint Thomas network in Nashville are flourishing environments for these specialties.

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1. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses work with children and their families in various situations, from general family care and checkups to medical emergencies. These nurses are excellent with children and understand how children’s bodies differ from adults. In addition to a BSN, they can pursue certified pediatric nurse (CPN) certification.

Oklahoma boasts excellent pediatric programs in many of its medical facilities, but most notably, it is the home of the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. If you want an immersive pediatrics experience, this is an excellent direction for clinicals, volunteering, and transitioning into your career. In Nashville, you will gain clinical experience in the pediatric unit with Ascension Saint Thomas network.

2. Critical Care Nurse

You may be a great fit for critical care nursing if you thrive in fast-paced, high-stakes environments. These nurses are quick on their feet and passionate about providing life-saving care, often handling highly emotional and difficult cases. They must earn their BSN and can eventually pursue critical care nursing (CCRN) certification.

In Nashville, you will spend time working in the emergency room of Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown to see if it is a good fit for you. If you are in Oklahoma City, you will work in Mercy Hospital’s trauma center, which is a leader in stroke treatment.

3. Neonatal Nurse

Newborn babies often require quite a bit of attention and specialty care, and neonatal nurses provide both. Neonatal nursing can mean performing hearing and vision tests and assuring the child is healthy. However, neonatal nurses often work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), treating babies who require additional medical and surgical care and restoring them to a stable condition.

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If you are interested in becoming a neonatal nurse, you are in luck because our clinical partners in both Oklahoma City and Nashville are highly renowned when it comes to neonatal care. Ascension Saint Thomas provides excellent, comprehensive care to mothers and babies, while Mercy Hospital’s Level III NICU is one of their primary services.

4. Obstetrics Nurse

Obstetric (OB) nurses provide crucial care to mothers during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. These nurses often build strong relationships with patients for the duration of their pregnancies. This job can be joyful as parents prepare to bring new life into the world, but it can also be challenging when patients face issues like infertility and miscarriages. To become an OB nurse, you will need your BSN degree. After gaining experience, you can obtain an RNC-OB certification.

Like many other specialties, these two locations are well-known for their high quality of obstetric care. The Ascension Saint Thomas health network is noted for excellent maternal care, so if you are pursuing OB nursing, Nashville is a great place to start. The OB/GYN Clinic in the Mercy network specializes in many areas of OB nursing, ranging from wellness exams to high-risk pregnancies to adolescent patient counseling.

5. Geriatric Nurse

With the increase in the geriatric population, commonly known as “the graying of America,” geriatric nurses are needed now more than ever. These nurses provide holistic care to older patients who struggle with daily activities, bodily functions, and mental health. While these nurses care for their patients’ practical needs, they often provide mental and emotional support during a confusing and challenging time in the patient’s life. Get started by earning your BSN.

Facilities such as Mercy Hospital and OU Health-University of Oklahoma Medical Center are both excellent places to gain experience if you are in the Oklahoma City area. If you are beginning your journey in Nashville, Ascension Saint Thomas ranks competitively in the number of patients discharged and treated for complex conditions.

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